Yucca Root: Top 7 Health Benefits [Latest Findings]

What is Yucca Root?

Yucca Root is similar to cassava and potato. The Mojave Yucca Root tuber has been used as a stable source of carbohydrates by the Native American Indians and other natives of the American continents. It is also believed to be a good source of other nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

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Aside from being part of their diet, indigenous people of America have used it to make its fiber into ropes, clothes, and sandals while its extracts have been used in making soap.

Alternative names for this herb are Yucca schidigera, Spanish dagger, Adam’s Needle, Yucca whipplei, Aloe Yucca, Yucca aloifolia, Arbre de Josué, Bear Grass, Yucca glauca, Dagger Plant, Joshua Tree, Mojave Yucca, Yucca arborescens, Mojave Yucca, Our-Lord’s-Candle, Soapweed, Yucca brevifolia Spanish Bayonet, Yuca, Yucca angustifolia, Yucca mohavensis, Yucca filamentosa.

Health Benefits of Yucca Root

  1. benefits for hair growth
  2. alleviating migraines and headaches
  3. healing skin diseases, sores, bleeding and even baldness
  4. easing osteoarthritis, sprains and joint pains
  5. addressing problems of the digestive system such as stomach disorders, liver disorders and gallbladder disorders
  6. treating blood disorders, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
  7. neutralizing free radicals

Let’s have a closer look at these uses and benefits.

Treatment for arthritis – The key biochemical component in Yucca Root is saponin. Saponin, which is high in the herb, inhibits the body’s production of the chemicals that disrupt growth of new cartilage. The effect is that new joints can have new cartilage. Moreover, the medicinal root has anti-inflammatory chemicals and consequently prevents pain from arthritis. Aside from saponin, it also has resveratrol and Yuccaols (phenolic constituents) that have the same anti-inflammatory effects.

Prevention and alleviation of symptoms of blood disorders – Researchers found in their samples that intake of Yucca Root powder resulted to lower blood sugar levels and higher insulin readings versus control groups. Thus, this root crop helps in making a blood disorders-free body.

Reduction of cholesterolSaponins found in the tuber attach to cholesterol in the stomach. Because of this, cholesterol is prevented from entering into the bloodstream, attaching to the walls of the arteries, and ultimately building blockages that hinder blood flow and increase blood pressure.

Neutralization of free radicals – The resveratrol in this root crop is an antioxidant that attaches itself to free radicals so as to prevent the latter from damaging cells and tissues.

Is eating Yucca root better for you than potatoes?

Given the chance to pick among potato, cassava, and Yucca, it should be a no-brainer to choose Yucca Root. It is as rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals but it offers more in terms of medicinal properties that target arthritis, blood disorders and high blood pressure. You can trust this root crop to be nutritious and therapeutic at the same time indeed!

Eating Yucca Root, either raw or as an herbal extract powder, is a healing joy with wonderful and nutritious health benefits for all.

Are cassava and yucca root the same?

No. They are very similar and belong to the same Magnoliophyta plant family but are not the same thing, despite being commonly referred to interchangably.

What does the Yucca root taste like?

The texture is almost identical to the crunch of potato and the taste is best described as slightly sweet and nutty but all-around mild.

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