Healthy Liver and Kidneys Help Prevent Hair Loss

The liver is one of the essential organs in your body. Your liver adds and takes hormones from your bloodstream, processes fats, and removes toxins and free radicals from circulation.

When your liver is strong, clean and free from toxins, your body has the energy to perform tasks like growing and coloring hair and nails.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are viewed as a source of energy for the entire body. Healthy kidneys provides youthful energy and enables your body in growing strong and healthy hair. When a person’s kidneys becomes weakened or deficient, it can cause symptoms such as premature graying of the hair and hair loss.

He Shou Wu

Organic He Shou Wu PowderHe Shou Wu is a Chinese herbal product that supports both the kidneys and liver. By strengthening these two essential organs, your body has more energy to perform what it views as unnecessary tasks.

Tasks like growing hair, preventing hair loss and maintaining hair color and healthy nails.


SchisandraAnother excellent Chinese herbal product that I recommend to cleanse and strengthen the liver and, by extension, grow healthy hair is Schisandra.

Schisandra is an overall health tonic and adaptogenic herb. It works by purifying the blood and activating the central nervous system. It gives youthful energy and helps make the entire body vibrant and healthy by balancing all five elements:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Wood


Rosemary, or Romero Herb, has been touted for its ability to promote hair growth and aid sufferers of alopecia for many years. You might find the below video interesting as well as this study which investigated the effectiveness of rosemary oil versus minoxidil in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

Healthy, Natural Diet

Supplements alone are not enough to strengthen your liver and kidneys. The most important thing you can do is to improve your diet.

Non-organic and processed foods put a strain on your liver and kidneys to digest the nutrients your body needs to function normally.

By eating a whole and organic diet, you can eliminate unnecessary strain on your liver and kidneys. Removing strain gives them the opportunity to cleanse and heal naturally. There are actually foods you can eat that help prevent hair loss!

With a healthy liver and kidneys your body will have the extra energy to grow hair and to prevent hair loss.

Please note, however that it’s important that you be patient!

This process can take up to three months before you see the benefits and effects. So if you choose to combat hair loss naturally (like any natural remedy) you’re healing the root of the problem.

Holistic remedies takes time because it’s a treatment for the entire body.

Anyone can work to steadily restore their body to balance; it just takes a little knowledge and a lot of patience.

Please leave a comment and tell me what things you or your friends do to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy, youthful hair.

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3 thoughts on “Healthy Liver and Kidneys Help Prevent Hair Loss”

  1. Wondering whether or not there is any possible way to avoid transplant. I am guessing probably not. What can be done to support her body while waiting for transplant. Also post transplant she will receive immunosuppressant medication. She has a wonderfully strong immune system currently and is rarely sick with colds. She has never had the flu. She was breast fed for about five years. She eats very rare processed foods. She doesn?t eat much dairy, what she does eat is local raw cheese. She is gluten free. She has been limiting sodium and Phosphorus intake.

    What can be done post transplant to support her immune system nutritionally and herbally?

    This young woman is completely asymptomatic and has been asymptomatic all along. Diagnosis was by accident when she was worked up for knee pain which turned out to be Osgood Schlatter?s. She is 15.5 years old and in otherwise excellent health. Her BUN and Creatinine are elevated, as is her Phosphorus. Her parathyroid hormone levels are exceedingly elevated. She is currently taking Aranesp 0.4mcg injected every other week to help with red blood cell production. It has helped. She also takes iron and calcitriol, as well as three extra strength Tums a day to help bind Phosphorus. She dances three to four hours a day five to six days a week doing ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, modern, lyrical, and theatre dancing. She also has a MTHFR gene mutation as her mother has MTHFR homozygous gene mutation. She has just been told she will be transitioned from the renal clinic service at Children?s in Boston to the transplant team.
    Thank you for any/all suggestions.

    • Hi Susan,

      As it’s genetical, and leads to a renal failure nevermind what you do,
      I’d go for nettle seed, just in case it’d help.


    • I would ask if there are any stem cell treatments for this. Milk thistle and artichokes have a certain glomerular protective effects. So may help the cilia . I also wonder if something like corn silk or mallow would reduce inflammation.

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