Herbal Analysis: Oregon Grape Root

Native to North America, the Oregon Grape Root is widely distributed in the Pacific Northwest and is used for its medicinal properties. This flowering perennial is closely related to the medical characteristics of goldenseal. But due to the near-extinction status of goldenseals, many people have begun to make use of Oregon grape in their treatments instead.

Oregon grape is also famous with florists; however, the golden yellow roots of the plant are where the medicinal qualities lie. The root is commonly harvested for its phytochemicals. Columbamine, hydrastine, jatrorrhizine, oxyacanthine, and tetrahydroberberine are included.

Oregon grape root is also known as barberry, blue barberry, creeping barberry and holly barberry. It is also sometimes referred to as Holly Mahonia, Mahonia diversifolia and Mahonia Faux Houx


Oregon grape root is well-known for stimulating liver function, in which it improves the flow of bile; and for blood cleansing. But apart from this, it also has other benefits and uses. These benefits are listed below.

Oregon grape root:

  • Treats skin irritations.
  • Strengthens bone marrow.
  • Increases the amount of lymphocytes.
  • Improves white blood cells.
  • Fights infections.
  • Prevents stomach cramps and constipation.
  • Treats stomach ulcers and stomach upset.
  • Is helpful in treating haemorrhoids.
  • Helps cure diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Treats heartburns
  • Treats eczema.

Only a few people might be able to enjoy the bitter taste of Oregon grape root. However, its benefits makes it worth your while to try it out. This herb is capable of cleansing the blood by absorbing and eliminating toxins. It also stimulates liver function and improves bile production.

It has berberine, which strengthens the bone marrow. This increases the amount of Lymphocyte, a leukocyte which fight infections in the body. It also improves the body’s immune system.

Oregon grape root is processed as a tincture or an ointment. This ointment is used to treat certain skin irritations. It is also used to make tea and brew that are used to ease heartburns.

Lastly, Oregon grape root smoothens the muscle linings in the digestive tract. This prevents many complications related to the digestive system. By using it regularly, you could get your stomach protected.

What are you waiting for? With all the benefits of Oregon grape root and its wonderful uses, this herb is definitely on top of the line. Improve your health and use Oregon grape root.

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