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A Natural Health Remedy for Every Cough [Just Updated]

Coughing is a natural response of the body to get rid of foreign bodies or irritants on the respiratory airways. It can be caused by bacteria, fungi, viral infection, allergic reaction to pollen, and common colds. Aside from Western medical treatments available over-the-counter, traditional Chinese medical treatments are now widely used and recommended for effectively treating coughs. Having focused distinctive treatments and herbs for cough can be quite effective.

The purposed of Traditional Chinese medicine to provide alternative holistic health treatment that promotes the following:

  • Aid the immune system (also known as the body’s Qi) to eliminate the cause of the irritation through the surface of the body
  • Facilitate and allow the continuous flow of the immune system within the lungs
  • Reopen the airways for continuous normal flow of respiratory secretions

Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians rely on the study of cough patterns, detailed symptoms, and how the body responds in choosing the appropriate remedy. Herbal medicines are tailor-made to focus on the specific ailment.


Commonly Diagnosed Types of Cough

  • Wind-cold cough or damp-cold phlegm cough – This is represented by frequent coughing that comes with clear, white, or sticky mucus usually experienced in the morning. The person may also experience headaches, light body aches, slight fever or chills, and an itchy throat. Using herbs to smooth out the air passage flow of the lungs is the best way on how to get rid of a wet cough.
  • Wind-heat cough or hot phlegm cough – The heat makes the mucus sticky and thick. Accumulated mucus is quite difficult to expel. The mucus has a darker color that ranges from yellow to brown or sometimes dark green. Other symptoms are throat soreness, thirst, headache, sweating, and a yellowish nasal discharge. Traditional remedy uses herbs that moisten the lungs and airways to dissolve and dislodge the mucus naturally.
  • Dry-heat cough or wind dryness cough – This consists of a dry itchy cough and sore throat, accompanied with dryness of the mouth and nose. Sometimes, it is also presented with blood-stained mucus due to the dryness of the throat, cough induced chest pains, chills and fever. The remedy used is designed to clear out heat or dryness to boost natural moisture in the lungs.

Four Alternative Health Remedies For Cough

The following are other natural remedies that can be used as smokers cough remedy as well.

  • Stop Coughing Powder – A mild prescription used for dry hacking cough remedy if cough persisted even after other cold symptoms are gone. It is created to dissolve congested mucus and soothe the throat.
  • Homemade Natural Cough Drops – This is usually a natural cough syrup recipe made from honey and thyme tea or honey and lime. It takes advantage of honey’s natural healing properties to soothe the airways, and at the same time promote the immune system.
  • Acupuncture Therapy – A process of using needles as a remedy in treating coughs of any type, placed on exact points on the body. It is believed to trigger the body’s natural self-healing process.
  • Moxa Treatment – Also known as Moxibustion, this traditional Chinese medical practice is performed by burning small patches of dried leaves on particular points of the body. The process is quite similar to acupuncture.

One thing to remember is that no matter what treatment is available – whether it is Western treatment or Traditional Chinese medicine – the best medicine is always prevention. Still, if the body succumbs to infection, it’s good to learn about these natural remedies to cure and rehabilitate one’s health.

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