Herbal Analysis: Goodbye Fluffy Candy, Hello Marshmallow Root

Commonly found in Africa, the Marshmallow root has been widely used as a medicinal herb for centuries. This perennial plant has small, pale pink flowers and small round leaves, both of which, provide numerous health benefits.

Also known as Althaea which means “to heal” in Greek, the marshmallow root has been proven as an effective natural treatment for common ailments. It has been used in treating bruises and burns, as well as, soothing muscle inflammation and sprains. In addition, it is also commonly used as an ingredient in making tea, to relieve colds and sore throat.

Not only is the marshmallow root an ingredient for that fluffy snack that is more commonly associated to, but it is also processed for medicinal purposes in the form of extracts for brews, and teas, in dried form as capsules, and as ointments or creams.


Marshmallow root could definitely be relied upon as medicine. This herb has been used in treating common health problems since the ancient times. The benefits associated in using this herb are listed below.

Marshmallow root:

  • Soothes and relieves minor inflammations of the mucous membrane.
  • An effective relaxing agent for muscle aches and inflammations.
  • An excellent colon detoxifier.
  • Is a good diuretic.
  • Treats sore throats and colds.
  • Is helpful for soothing inflamed digestive tract.
  • Good for cleansing the body.
  • Natural alternative for mouth wash.
  • Treats heartburn.

The Marshmallow root is certainly helpful with curing a lot of different ailments. Most notable of which is its demulcent properties.

A demulcent is an agent that soothes the mucous membrane. By relaxing the membrane, it aids in treating and avoiding inflammations in the membrane. In addition, its capability of protecting the mucous membrane helps in producing more digestive mucous. This digestive mucous lubricates the digestive tract and prevents irritation of the digestive tissues.

Better production of mucous can also help in minimizing the penetration of bacteria in the epithelium of the nose, throat and lungs. Mushroom root also helps in relieving the intestinal tract, that’s why it is an important ingredient in colon detoxifiers.

Excretion of excess body fluids is another benefit provided by marshmallow root. It acts as a diuretic, which helps increase the flow of urine, thus increasing the amount of toxins that go along with it. It can also help in the release of gravel and stones and in minimizing the discomfort caused by kidney stones.

The Marshmallow root was initially considered as an ingredient for delicacies. Coincidentally, the same can be said for its modern counterpart, the Marshmallow. However, the marshmallow root is so much more than that. It’s amazing to think that the snack you enjoy during camping trips can also be used to cure colds, relax your muscles and soothe gastric and intestinal problems, among other things.

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