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I first heard of Lost Empire Herbs some time in 2016 (they might have still been Superman Herbs at that time) and first subscribed to their famous newsletter in March, 2017. If I remember correctly, this was shortly after I read Mycorrhizal Planet: How Symbiotic Fungi Work with Roots to Support Plant Health and Build Soil Fertility by Michael Phillips and had seen some of Paul Stamets’ TED Talks and became very interested in medicinal mushrooms. Little did I know that I’d be writing a Lost Empire Herbs review the following year!

You might be interested to learn how I first heard of Lost Empire Herbs, why at first I was hesitant to place an order, and why I wish now I hadn’t been! At the end I’ll actually review four products I got in my last order and finish up with a recommendation for you.

What I first noticed about Lost Empire Herbs

I saw this young guy from California named Logan Christopher producing videos, a podcast and articles on herbs, medicinal mushrooms and natural wellness. He talked about things like “performance herbalism” and I felt like he was onto something.

One thing in particular I remember was his podcast on “earthing.” I had recently heard of earthing from big wave surfer Laird Hamilton in an LA Times article about his 10 point plan to live forever. Logan was interested in a lot of the same things I was.

Something else I quickly noticed was that the guys at Lost Empire Herbs had a genuine passion that shone through in everything they produced. Instead of a barely-disguised promotion of their products, most of the time they didn’t even mention their products.

They didn’t seem to be selling me on anything and their promise to make a big difference in people’s lives seemed honest and genuine. When you see a young, new company doing things like this, you’re naturally interested in learning more and supporting them.

Why I was hesitant to try their products

herbal supplements

For years, I was satisfied with herbal supplements from Vitamin Shoppe, GNC and Amazon. In fact, I still find a good deal of value in some of the products one finds for sale there. For instance, I love Vitamin Shoppe’s “Fiber Blend.” If a better combination of soluble and insoluble fibers exists in one product of that price range, I haven’t found it. The impressive list of ingredients includes oat fiber, brown rice bran, apple pectin, citrus fiber, soy fiber, psyllium husk, prune, cabbage, carrot and broccoli. All this at a great price represents a lot of value for me.

Being satisfied with the sort of products one finds for sale at these retailers, I was hesitant to pay higher prices for my herbs. Yeah, the quality of Lost Empire Herbs’ products was probably better, but was it that much better? I was quite content to keep a.) enjoying the free information these guys were producing every week,  and b.) buying my supplements from huge retail outlets at the very best price I could find.

Then I started paying more attention to their sourcing, their extraction processes, independent lab results, their  satisfaction guarantee and finally, their customer reviews. Yeah, there were one or two “these products did nothing for me” and even a “Lost Empire Herbs is a fraud” review but overwhelmingly, they were extremely positive and espoused specific benefits the customer had achieved by regularly taking their herbs.

This is when I started to get really interested.


As stated on their website, “the majority of our herbs come from China, India and Tibet.” They also have the only fresh-root, biodynamically-farmed, spagyrically-prepared Ashwagandha tincture grown in the USA. Want to go behind the scenes and learn a little more about the process and the people behind the product? We can do just that in the following video…

Says Jeff, the man behind the Ashwagandha farms in Madras and Corbett, Oregon: “We grow using biodynamic practices. It’s an approach that uses natural forces to balance nature to achieve the most nutrient-dense and potent plants that nature can provide.”

I’ve been growing Ashwagandha for nine years in Oregon. Every year I grow Ashwagandha, the Ashwagandha tells me hey Jeff you’re not growing enough of me. So each year I grow more because I see the need for Ashwagandha in our community and our planet. I’ve been growing many plants for many years and of all the plants, Ashwagandha has had the most impact on the most people. There’s an epidemic of stress, fatigue, anxiety and trauma in our culture and Ashwagandha is the best plant that I know that can help bring peace and healing back to humans.

If this isn’t supply chain transparency, I’ve never seen it. That’s rare these days and not something you’re likely to get from huge retailers. It feels good supporting local farms like Jeff’s!

customer reviews lost empire herbsCustomer Reviews

For instance, I read a ton of reviews on TrustPilot where a clear pattern emerged of customers who weren’t just satisfied with their purchase but customers who told stories of their lives being changed and wanting to tell everyone they encountered about it. They also post reviews on their own site and call them Testimonials.

Sprinkled in though are some dissatisfied customers who were disappointed with results, shipping problems or customer service issues. What I noticed is that these dissatisfied customers invariably receive a quick, courteous, professional response taking responsibility for the issue and proposing solutions. I’d imagine that many of these dissatisfied customers who post negative reviews are later converted back into happy customers when they feel their concerns have been addressed.

Another common complaint you might notice if you read a lot of Lost Empire Herbs reviews is that the company tends to be out-of-stock more often than customers are happy with. I subscribe to their newsletter and read every single blog post and I’ve seen them take accountability for this and even recall that they switched suppliers on one of their herbs because the supplier just wasn’t able to keep up. The price of having your product in high demand?

lost empire herbs trustpilot reviews

At the time of this writing, Lost Empire Herbs has a TrustScore of 9.1 out of 10 based on 716 reviews. By any measure, that’s pretty strong and gives me confidence that I’m going to be happy with what I buy, but if I’m not, the customer service team is ready, willing and able to make it right.

I feel safe recommending these guys to family and friends, and do often! Some of them are now return customers as well.

This seems like a recipe for success: provide the high-quality products available at the lowest price possible and give great customer service. It’s fair to say that if they stick to the pattern they’ve set so far, exponential growth is in their future.

Extraction process

You’ll notice that the products from Lost Empire Herbs come in different forms like powder, extract powder, dual extract powder, tincture, spagyric tincture, and more.

Lost Empire Herbs will even teach you more about something called a “soxhlet extraction” and even how to make your own herbal tincture. Their understanding and use of leading-edge patented extraction processes in an effort to get every last bit of the beneficial chemical constituents out of the herb instill confidence that they’re determined to innovate and continually improve their products.

Independent Lab Results

Each and every product page on their website includes independent lab test results. The proof is in those lab results. You’re getting herbs. No additives or fillers; just herbs.

Every seller should include a lab analysis of something as critically important as health supplements like herbs, medicinal mushrooms and shilijit but not all of them do. Whether this is because they’re just trying to keep costs low or they’re trying to hide something, they don’t. That, to me, is a cause of great concern. Lost Empire Herbs, on the other hand, seem to be proud of their test results and make them easy to find and read for all their customers.

One of the products Lost Empire Herbs offers for sale is shilijit, a resinous substance that develops over the centuries, primarily in the Himalaya Mountains. It boasts some incredible health benefits but there’s a problem. The product is costly and it’s easy to fake. In fact, there’s been a lot of fake shilijit floating around; some of it just dirt with a little fulvic acid in a cheap attempt to fake test results.

One website compared 30 different shilijit products and found that only the products from Lost Empire Herbs and one other (out of 30!) included a hygienic certificate, a Certificate of Authenticity with the main active ingredients listed and, very important, an authenticity report. In other words, only two of the 30 products compared could verify their quality.

The independent lab test results, in my opinion, are a very strong endorsement of the quality of Lost Empire Herbs’ products!

365 day moneyback guarantee365-Day Moneyback Guarantee

The final selling point for me is that Lost Empire Herbs offers a 1-year total satisfaction guarantee.

We’re proud to offer a 365-day money back guarantee on any and all of our herbs. If you don’t get the results you want, simply request to return the bag or bottle or apply for a refund/store credit/exchange, even if you’ve used it all, and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Don’t like the product you got? Not happy with the results after taking an entire bag or bottle? Simply ask for a refund and no harm done! I’m a lot more likely to recommend their products because if family or friends aren’t satisfied for any reason, they can bug them and not me! 🙂

My Lost Empire Herbs Review

What I noticed immediately when I received my first order was that the powders I got from Lost Empire Herbs looked much higher-quality than those I’ve purchased from other sellers in the past. My wife noticed the same thing. It’s almost like this stuff was so much fresher and more alive than what we had ever been used to. We especially took note of this when opening the schisandra and pine pollen. It’s like the plant was alive just minutes ago.

I got four products with my second order and I’ll review each briefly below. (I wish I had taken products of my earlier orders.)

ant extract powder lost empire herbs
Black Ant Extract Powder (Lost Empire Herbs)

1.) Black Ant Extract Powder

Polyrhachis Ants live high in the mountains in a clean, non-toxic environment free from pollutants and often times right in amongst herbs and roots with amazing health benefits.

Practitioners of traditional medicine have been taking these ants as food for a very long time. After all, what’s the strongest creature on Earth, pound-for-pound? The ant! And these ants are packed full of amazing, beneficial nutrition like complete protein, vitamins, minerals and compounds; some of them completely unique to the amazing little Polyrhachis Ant!

Lost Empire Herbs’ Black Ant Extract Powder is a 10:1 extract powder. What does this mean? Each dose of the extract powder gives you ten times the amount of beneficial compounds that eating raw ants would give you.

What I instantly fell in love with is that this is an herb (for lack of a better expression) that you can feel. Immediately! Described as a “premier energy tonic” you can expect to get a nice, clean energy buzz that follows you throughout the day.

What does Black Ant Extract Powder taste like?

Not very pleasant but certainly not terrible. I’ve taken truly gag-worthy supplements before and this is by no means one of them. I add it to protein shakes and down it goes! Not bad at all. I even tried a big mouthful of it to test my resolve. My wife said that I look better without black ant powder between my teeth!

pine pollen powder lost empire herbs
Pine Pollen Powder from Lost Empire Herbs

2.) Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen is Lost Empire Herbs’ top seller and I can certainly see why. Collected specifically from the Chinese Oil Pine growing at an altitude of 1,500 – 2,500 ft. in the mountains of the Yunnan province, pine pollen can best be described as a “nutrition powerhouse.”

A rare source of phyto-androgens, pine pollen is absolutely fabulous for both men and women and boasts many proven benefits for regulation of hormone levels.

The list of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other beneficial compounds is too great to list here but includes things like Gibberellins, Brassinosteroids, Lignans and Polysaccharides.

Pine pollen has over 200 bioactive vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other super nutrients in every single serving. It is a wild-harvested superfood with no added chemicals or preservatives.

What does Pine Pollen Powder taste like?

It’s quite pleasant, actually. At first I thought it tasted “plasticy” until I noticed that it tastes exactly like (you’re not going to believe this) a pine tree. It tastes just like a pine tree smells. It mixes easily with water or protein powder and is quick, easy and delicious. Add a heaping teaspoon to whatever you drink in the morning and be prepared to enjoy the many and varied health benefits in no time.

Shatavari Organic Extract from Lost Empire Herbs
Organic Shatavari Extract from Lost Empire Herbs

3.) Shatavari

Shatavari is the top herb in Ayurveda for women. Whether taken in small, tonic doses or larger doses for PMS, menopause or other female problems, shatavari is called “ashwagandha for women” for a reason; it works and works well!

Also known simply as asparagus root, Shatavari is an amazing adaptogenic herb that acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Remember how we were talking about extraction processes used at Lost Empire Herbs? Well, their Organic Full Spectrum Extract used on the shatavari results in not only saponins standardized to an amazing 20% but as much of the full spectrum of beneficial compounds as is possible.

What does Shatavari taste like?

I’d describe it as peppery and spicy. My wife and I mix it with a sweet cinnamon-flavored protein powder and the contrast makes a taste that’s absolutely delicious. Taste is no problem at all with this herb. As you can probably see in the picture, the consistency of the powder is very fine. Don’t sneeze anywhere close to it! 😉

schisandra extract powder lost empire herbs
Organic Schisandra 5:1 Extract Powder from Lost Empire Herbs

4.) Organic Schisandra 5:1 Extract Powder

I saved my favorite for last. I can’t wait to roll out of bed in the morning because the first thing I do is put about a teaspoon of the schisandra powder under my tongue. Sublingual schisandra powder will have your mouth watering so much I challenge you to keep it there for a full minute!

Schisandra is an absolute rush of adaptogenic goodness with benefits both physical and mental. If you have a stressful job that demands peak energy and mental alertness, I can’t recommend this herb enough.

What does Schisandra Berry taste like?

Described as the Five Flavor Berry because it tastes salty, sweet, sour, pungent and bitter all at the same time, it’s an absolute explosion of fresh, fruity taste that packs an amazing punch! A good dose of it under your tongue for a full minute followed by swallowing it down with a full glass of water will leave you ready for whatever the day throws at you. It feels like life flowing into your system and I’ve never encountered anything that makes my mouth water quite like this amazing herbal supplement!

A summary of my Lost Empire Herbs review

In the past, my main goal with herbal supplements was to get the greatest value possible and to be honest, it still is. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that my willingness to spend a little more money to get a lot more quality.

I found a very happy medium and incredible value in Lost Empire Herbs and I’ll keep ordering from them and recommending them to family and friends. Based on their superior product quality, their sourcing, extraction processes, satisfaction guarantee and stellar customer reviews, I can’t imagine not taking these products and I’m excited to try new ones when I place another order later this month. (Expect in-depth reviews of more products in the coming months!)

My recommendation to you is to do your homework and find the best product for your budget. If you find someone else who you think is better, I’m all ears. I’d be very interested to hear your experiences and reviews of Lost Empire Herbs below! (or Superman Herbs if they were still called that when you did business with them)

Lastly, I want you to know that I personally get almost all of my herbs from Lost Empire Herbs. Their sourcing is the best in the business and many of their herbs are grown in the USA. Click here to learn about their patented Full-Spectrum Extraction process and get 15% off your first order! Tip: Be sure to sign up for their newsletter at the top.

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