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Get Rid of a Cough Fast: 4 Natural Remedies (Works Quick)

Need to get rid of an obnoxious cough fast?

You came to the right place if you’re looking to do so with all-natural healthy remedies!
Most of the time, a cough can occur as a symptom of some other deeper medical problem. These problems include:

  • Asthma
  • Allergic rhinitis or any other type of allergies
  • GERD
  • Sinus problems
  • An adverse reaction to certain medications

Coughs that are caused by any of these illnesses are often accompanied by excessive mucus discharge in the form of phlegm. These coughs are also recurrent and can be quite difficult to suppress.

As a matter of fact, health experts often tell people not to suppress these coughs. That is because the phlegm is lodged within the chest cavitiy and the lungs, which means that it needs to be expelled. Otherwise, it could cause even bigger health problems.

A cough can also develop as the body’s way of dealing with external irritants such as dust or dry air. In this case, the cough would be dry with no mucus that needs to be dislodged. This articles deals with the phlegm-filled hacking cough that is also referred to as productive coughs.

For more information on dry coughs check out this article: How to get rid of a dry cough. This article is very informative when it come to wet mucous coughs: How to get rid of a wet cough .

Natural Remedies to Combat Phlegm

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Phlegm is often the most embarrassing part of a productive cough. No matter how hard you try to hold it in, it will always find its way out.

It can also be quite an inconvenience especially when the coughing fit happens while in the middle of an important transaction, such as a business meeting or a job interview.

Despite being a nuisance, excess phlegm is often not considered as a huge health risk especially when it is treated with the proper medication. But if the medication is not effective or if the phlegm is not treated at all, then further infections could develop.

Luckily for people who often experience chronic productive coughs, there are certain natural remedies that can help loosen the phlegm up. These remedies include:

Warm salt water

Salt is not only a great natural preservative, it also has antibacterial properties that could kill off the bacteria that are causing the rapid development of phlegm and mucus.

People who are coughing out excessive amounts of phlegm can simply gargle with warm water mixed in with a teaspoon of salt. This effectively neutralizes the pH level in the mouth, thereby preventing the bacteria from reproducing. Since the salt water gargle is composed of all-natural ingredients, it can be used as many times as possible.


Steam inhalation effectively liquefies the phlegm, making it impossible for it to stick to the mucous membranes. The liquefied phlegm then dissolves and is released through sweat and/or urine. Steam inhalation is also an easy process.

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All you need to do is pour some hot water into a bowl and then place the face a few inches above the rim. Be sure to cover up with a large cloth so that the steam won’t escape. Inhale deeply several times until the water grows warm and is no longer emitting any vapors.

Adding some mint leaves to the water is also more effective in loosening the phlegm up.

Warm lemon juice

Lemons are known to contain a lot of nutrients. People with chronic phlegm-filled coughs can harness these nutrients by simply mixing some lemons in warm water. They can add a few drops of honey to the mixture too.

Honey not only enhances the taste of the juice by sweetening it, it can also enhance the juice’s effectiveness since honey is itself a wonderful holistic cough remedy. Simply drink this healthy all-ntaural mixture twice or three times daily until the coughing subsides.

These natural remedies are best paired up with the herbal remedies posted in the infographic.

Get rid of a cough with herbs (infographic)

If you know any naturalist, herbalist or practitioner of homeopathic medicine, you know they have a cure for just about everything.

Coughs are no exceptions! The fact is when it comes to coughs, in a lot of ways the alternative, herbal, and natural homeopathic remedies are better than over-the-counter medication to treat the problem at the source.

They aren’t going to completely drain you like cough syrup will but they can get rid of the worst symptoms really fast!
Over-the-counter-cough syrups can be really bad for you and often times make the cough linger, not to mention exposing you to synthetic drugs that might be addictive, toxic or at the very least unhealthy. Instead check out our list of 12 all-natural cough medicines.

Top 4 All-Natural Remedies To Get Rid of A Cough Fast

These four are my go-to remedies to get rid of that cough fast and get me on with my life.


ginger rootGinger root is not only a tasty addition to your meals, it is also one of the most time-tested herbal remedies in the world. One proof of its effectiveness is the fact that a lot of cough remedies that are manufactured by big pharmaceuticals also contain ginger already.

Ginger can be consumed as a tea at least thrice a day. Those whose taste buds are less picky can also just chew on some raw slices as they go through their normal day.

The best remedy for a cough or cold in my opinion is not for the faint of heart. Take 1/4 to 1/3 of pound of fresh ginger and juice it. Drink it straight in one go it will burn, you most likely will cough your belly will heat up but say goodbye to that persistent bug!

Licorice root

licorice rootMore of a soothing option and great for a persistent dry cough, the extract of this sweet herb is now used for treating a wide variety of health issues like asthma, adrenal fatigue, depression and more.
The healing properties of licorice root can be traced to its high glycyrrhizic acid content.

When consumed as a tea, the root’s anti-inflammatory component helps clear up the passageways in the throat, chest, and lungs. This clears up oxygen flow and reduces the aggravation that is causing your cough in the first place.

Bonus: licorice root makes it easier for white blood cells to clear the bloodstream of viruses and bacteria.

black pepper from madagascarBlack Pepper

Almost everyone appreciates the culinary importance of black pepper. Not many dishes aren’t improved with a dash of black pepper as a spice.

However, only a few are privy to this herb’s secret: it is also a great cough remedy. There are many ways in which this herbal remedy can be consumed. If you can stand it, chew a few seeds as needed!

Golden Milk With Black Pepper

  • 1 tbs. Black Peppe Kernals Whole
  • 1/2 tsp. Turmeric Powder
  • 8oz. Skim Milk
  • Honey to taste

These two wonderful cough remedies synergize beautifully! Both are cough remedies in their own right but the effects are different and work well together. I especially like this remedy before bed.


turmeric curcuminYou can mix it into a glass of warm skim milk and drink it at bedtime. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic that helps clear out excess mucus from the mucous membranes. This antiseptic also helps kill the bacteria that are causing the disruption in the mucous membranes, often curing your cough completely.

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Turmeric can also be added to the salt water and gargled and works wonderfully to cleanse the mouth and throat for almost immediate relief.

These remedies may also work for smoker’s cough. However, note that the cough is caused by the throat’s reaction to smoke. This means that the remedies may stop working after some time if the smoker still persists with the habit.

That is why these herbal remedies are most often recommended to people who are in the process of quitting smoking because these remedies are not only effective to help get rid of a cough fast; they also contain important elements that help boost the immune system.

Lastly, I want you to know that I personally get almost all of my herbs from Lost Empire Herbs. Their sourcing is the best in the business and many of their herbs are grown in the USA. Click here to learn about their patented Full-Spectrum Extraction process and get 15% off your first order! Tip: Be sure to sign up for their newsletter at the top.

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  1. I have had a cough (not dry cough) for 12 years. If I take raw honey every 3 hours, it is control sometimes but not always. In fact, I was kicked out of a play . This not the first time this something has happened.
    I had a dr. At Barnes check down my throat;found nothing. Been to an allergist 2 times with the same results. Allergic to dust mits.
    I am so tired of this embarrassing situation because I have had several situations.
    I do not cough at night.
    Do you have any suggestions..

    Thank you.

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