Fulvic Acid Benefits and Side Effects [2019 Data]

Have you heard of fulvic acid or shilajit before? If not, then you really don’t know what you are missing.

This naturally occurring acid has taken the health world by storm. It is a substance that can be found in the dirt under our feet but also in health food stores around the country. While you might be thinking that we are talking about common dirt, that assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many different companies now offering their version of fulvic acid, so there are ample chances for you to be able to find some near you. Its Molecular Formula‎: ‎C14H12O8

But why are people so fond of this strange looking substance? Today we will learn more about fulvic acid and what it can do for you.

What Is Fulvic Acid Good for?

This supplement we have already learned comes from the ground. But what is this active chemical compound good for? Fulvic acid helps the human body by making it easier to absorb fatty acids, minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants. This makes it very useful, and this is the reason so many people are taking it as a supplement.

Fulvic Acid Benefits

Fulvic acid powder
Fulvic acid powder

Fulvic acid has several benefits that all revolve around it helping your body to absorb nutrients.

1. Digestion

This is really the only well-proven benefit of fulvic acid, the rest of these benefits are more speculative. It is a digestive compound that helps your body to absorb fatty acids, minerals, and probiotics. Any time a supplement helps your body better absorb nutrients it results in improved digestive health.

2. Nootropic Cognitive Enhancer

It is speculated that fulvic acid can improve mental cognition and function as a nootropic by helping your body to absorb trace minerals from your diet that are connected to improved memory and brain function. Fulvic acid is also gaining quick attention as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.

3. Detox

It is speculated that the same function that helps fulvic acid absorb trace minerals can be applied to breaking down metals in the system, gently detoxing the digestive tract.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Again like all benefits on this list, it is known as minor antiinflammatory as a side effect of its nutrient absorption.

5. Healthy Skin

If you have a skin condition caused by inflammation such as eczema, fulvic acid is said to do a great job of treating it. By applying fulvic acid topically, it will slightly burn the skin, but many have reported that the effect of fulvic acid on their skin has essentially cured their eczema.

A highly beneficial compound, fulvic acid is the world’s new cure-all. Just imagine being able to take a supplement that works with all parts of the body to not only feel better but to look better too. So if you are suffering from skin conditions, a slow digestion system, poor memory, or you need to detoxify, then you just might greatly benefit from taking fulvic acid. But before you take this compound, make sure to do your own research to see if it is right for you. There may be even more benefits out there that may help improve your quality of life.

Fulvic Acid Side Effects

This superpower substance has many benefits, but it does have one side effect that you need to know about. When used to reduce inflammation of the skin, fulvic acid can produce a strong burning sensation which can become very unpleasant. While this sensation will go away with time, some people find it to be quite uncomfortable. But many people have safely used this product for many years without any side effects. If you are going to try using fulvic acid as a daily supplement, make sure to always consult your doctor before using it. Side effects may be amplified if you are taking certain medications or skin creams.

Fulvic Acid Supplements

There are many different types of fulvic acid supplements on the market today. A raw powder can be purchased at health food stores around the country and can be mixed into your favorite smoothie. This powerful powder can be used in a wide range of applications. Also, many people like to make their own skin creams with the powders.

Another way to get your daily dose is to take fulvic acid capsules. There are many different high-quality fulvic acid capsules in stores today, and many of them are affordable. This is probably that easiest way to consume fulvic acid.

Next, there are liquid tinctures that are combined with many different nutrients. These tinctures are the most expensive to purchase, but you get a wide range of different benefits from using the products. Another benefit of taking fulvic acid in tincture form is the fact that you will get several months’ supply in just one tiny bottle. This will allow you to easily store your fulvic acid and take it with you where ever you go. Many people like the ease of use that pills provide while others love to make different things with the powder. But no matter how you decide to take your fulvic acid, you will always be able to get the positive benefits it offers.

To be completely honest, I am not the biggest believer in fulvic acid as a straight supplement.

I do however love shilajit resin which typically contains about 8% fulvic acid in its natural form, the rest of the resin is made up of trace minerals amino acids and ashless humic acids which when all combined together has every health benefit mentioned in this article and more. Check out this article for more information about shilajit.

Many people like the ease of use that pills provide while others love to make different things with the powder, I personally like to take it as shilajit resin. But no matter how you decide to take your fulvic acid, try it and see for yourself what positive benefits it can offer you.

Check back soon as we’ll be posting more about shilajit, testosterone, autoimmune disorders and primavie studies.

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