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Dr. Axe is a well-known self-proclaimed doctor and celebrity personality with a popular website at draxe.com as well as a trending Youtube channel and online store that sells products like Leaky Gut Formula, Multi Collagen Protein, Bone Broth Protein, and Keto Best Seller Kit.

Many consumers of natural health supplements as well as individuals seeking information on how herbs and supplements can help them be healthier or cope with conditions and diseases find themselves reading or watching Dr. Axe’s content. Many of them might be interested in reading Dr. Axe reviews before trusting him or purchasing his products.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on the brand and the website based on an extensive search of the term “dr. axe reviews” and read quite literally hundreds of reviews posted mostly by people who claim to have used their products. What is the overall consensus of these reviews?

What kind of reputation does Dr. Axe have?

Let’s find out.

Who is Dr. Josh Axe?

According to his website at draxe.com, “Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist.” He’s also described as a best-selling author, a physician for many professional athletes, an expert in digestive health, functional medicine, natural remedies and dietary strategies for healing and a “visionary”.

To further add to his James Bond persona, he wants you to know that in his spare time he competes (and probably wins) triathlons.

Astonishingly, he once recorded 18-straight holes-in-one at Pebble Beach.

(I’m making that last part up.)

What do others say about Dr. Axe?

A page on the website BadScienceDebunked.com reviews Dr. Axe’s Bentonite Clay supplement. The writer of the Bad Science article had this to say about Dr. Axe.

There are few things worse, in my humble opinion, than a person hiding behind the title of “doctor” using bad science and fear mongering to sell you products that contain the very same ingredients they’re telling you will harm you.

The page quotes several seemingly contradictory statements from Dr. Axe. He makes one claim and then seems to say something altogether different when pushing his controversial products. Axe simultaneously claims bentonite clay both sweeps elements out of your system and puts them in.

[Dr. Axe] makes a hilarious attempt, referencing “positively charged electrons” (that’s antimatter!), but in the end it boils down to magic.

Harry Potter would be proud.

“Bad science” and “magic” aren’t descriptions I want for the products I trust my health to.

Some of the comments posted on that page reveal that some people feel that they’ve been harmed and duped by Dr. Axe.

dr axe testimonials

Good Reviews of Dr. Axe (And Why I Don’t Trust Many of Them)

There are many positive, glowing Dr. Axe reviews on Amazon and his own website.

However, far too often I found a troubling pattern in the reviews. Many of them sounded suspiciously similar. The tone and wording was was too precise and often included the same phrases and sentiments.

Something else is that on some reviews sites I’d see positive reviews that were all posted one-after-another on the same day when weeks or months had gone by without any reviews at all.

Isn’t it a little strange when four months go by since the last review and then all of the sudden on the same day three glowing testimonials are posted?

Take, for instance, these…

dr axe reviews

Sorry, I have a very difficult time finding reviews like this believable.

Three random customers, all on May 18, 2016 decide to post glowing reviews in amongst a plethora of negative ones?

What I find much more plausible are hundreds and hundreds of reviews that have the same common theme: dissatisfaction with Dr. Axe’s supplement products and when the consumer complained, they received very poor customer support or were ignored altogether and those who were promised refunds never got them and the consumer had to do chargebacks on their credit card in order to get their money back.

Another common complaint is that customers were placed on Dr. Axe’s autoship and autobill program completely without their knowledge or consent and found themselves seemingly powerless to do anything to stop these expensive Dr. Axe and Ancient Nutrition products from being sent to them.

Some examples…

dr. axe customer complaints

On PaleoRatings.com we see the disturbing pattern of very negative reviews of Dr. Axe continue. It’s one after another; many of them reporting dissatisfaction with products, complaints of low-quality supplements not working as advertised and/or unresolved customer service issues including the company refusing to honor its refund policy.

Some examples.

dr axe negative customer experience

dr axe customer service

dr axe customer review

dr axe cant stop autoship

dr axe buyer beware how to stop autobill on credit card

how to stop dr axe autoship

There are over 50 reviews on Paleo Hacks for Dr. Axe and a clear pattern of issues ranging from lack of customer support to outright customer abuse. Some of these people wanted desperately to benefit from the products, many said they did but still this same problem of a lack of customer service and confusion about how to stop Dr. Axe autoship and autobill.

It seems that these people claim once you give your credit card number to DrAxe.com they’re going to keep billing you until they, not you, decide to stop.

draxe.com autoship

dr axe no response from customer service

One after another:

worst internet purchase ever!

Awful customer service

Buyer Beware! 1 star only because 0 not an option

half full containers

Impossible customer service

No customer service phone number or Live Chat??


Program a Hoax

Extremely poor customer service

Beware… Just Another Scam Artist!!!!

Terrible/Diabolical service

Why no person to talk to?


Never received my order!

3 Products for $99 sent by mistake or deliberate trickery

Misled Science.

Be Ware !!!!!!!

just another supplements sales con

At some point I have to stop posting these headlines. But I could continue. For a long time.

Another website, OvercomeObesity.org which doesn’t seem to do anything but provide information (I see no ads or affiliate links or products for sale anywhere) says on this page that Josh Axe was “spewing a bunch of nonsense” when he appeared on the Dr. Oz television show.

most every thing Josh Axe said on the show was utter nonsense

He went so far as to claim that specific quotes of Axe were “bullshit.”

If you’re interested in Dr. Axe’s products or programs specifically for weight loss benefits, I think you should click the link above and delve deeper into that article and do the research for yourself.

I’d recommend finding out for yourself whether Dr. Josh Axe is qualified to make such bold claims and if not, whether he is simply misguided and overzealous in his wish to get you signed up on his products or whether there is an actual attempt to deceive the consumer with his popularity and charm.

FitHouseholds.com did a review of the Dr. Axe collagen products and the following quote fits with many I’ve seen in my research of whether Dr. Axe is a scam or not.

I also have a few qualms about the nutrition information offered. Dr. Axe is adamant that all anything you ingest that is sourced from animals be organic – yet this product is not organic. What gives? There is no information on the website or the container about the origin or quality of the chicken or fish. Just the vague statement on their amazon listing that they are “clean.”

Another Dr. Axe reviewer actually went to chiropractic school with Josh Axe and claimed to have some interesting insight into his past reputation.

dr axe reviewer

Nick Curtis of the Daily Mail followed a diet laid out for him by Dr. Axe and I found the doctor’s advice interesting. Again, more contradictions and Curtis called Dr. Axe’s Exodus Health Center “slightly sinister sounding.”

You can read the full review here.

What does the Better Business Bureau say about Dr. Axe?

dr axe bbb complaints

Dr. Axe, aka Axe Wellness, LLC in Franklin, Tennessee got so many BBB complaints that they warn consumers with the following:

PATTERN OF COMPLAINTS: This company has a pattern of complaint alleging refund or exchange issues and delivery issues. Consumers claim that they purchase the company’s products with an understanding that there is a 60 day money back guarantee. Many requested a refund within the 60 day period with no response or confirmation from the company. In instances where consumers…

Then we’re told to “click here for more…” Unfortunately, that page now just says “This business profile is being updated.”

Suspicious? Just a little.

TrustPilot Review of Dr. Axe

TrustPilot is regarded as extremely trustworthy when it comes to online consumer reviews, and unlike the BBB, you can’t just pay to get a better rating. You also can’t make bad reviews “just go away” and you can’t easily fake a pattern of positive reviews.

What does the Dr. Axe profile on TrustPilot look like?

You guess? It’s abysmally poor.

Two reviews.

Both one star complaints.

dr. axe trustpilot reviews

A simple search on TrustPilot for reviews of companies selling all-natural herbal supplements returns so many with dozens, hundreds or thousands of consumer reviews that come off as entirely genuine and believable with a natural amount of complaints tossed in.

These are the companies I’m looking to buy my health supplements from!

ThyroidAdviser.com Review

ThyroidAdviser.com did a review of Dr. Axe’s Thyroid Support System. It was pretty in depth and while it did find one “pro” the rest were all “cons.”

Their score and recommendation?

On a scale of 1-to-100 the product rated a 40.99 and their advice was to AVOID Dr. Axe’s product.

dr axe product reviews

Dr. Axe Amazon Reviews

You might also get a good idea of overall customer satisfaction with the products themselves by looking at Dr. Axe reviews on Amazon.

After all, since many of the complaints are with the company and it’s pattern of deceptive refund and billing policies, since Amazon handles all of the fulfillment and customer service for the products they sell, you can take those issues completely out of the reviews you find there.

What does Google think of DrAxe.com?

I find it very interesting that since April of this year, Google has also not been recommending Dr. Axe. In fact, it appears that from their height in that month, Google has taken almost 80% of their traffic away.

A search engine optimization blog just this week commented about Google obliterating draxe.com in their search results and said “I do believe that Dr. Axe’s site saw drops because they were deemed as untrustworthy, mostly because people overwhelmingly had problems with refunds and returns. As such, this business is lacking in trust”.


It appears that everywhere we look, Dr. Axe’s reputation is in a freefall.

Summary of Dr. Axe Reviews and Testimonials

Aside from the product reviews on Amazon that tend to focus solely on the products themselves instead of customer service issues, my research leads me to believe that the vast majority of users of Dr. Axe’s products who take the time to post something about their experience tend to be quite dissatisfied with their experience.

After everything I’ve read about him and after spending a lot of time on his website, I think Dr. Josh Axe is a very clever salesman who probably isn’t as qualified to be giving health advice as he claims to be.

It’d be quite difficult to say that he has a good reputation.

Shouldn’t someone who gives advice that affects the health of millions of people be above reproach and have clear qualification to do so?

Shouldn’t they have a stellar reputation and hundreds of positive testimonials from countless satisfied customers?

Would you feel comfortable recommending a company who has exhibited a clear pattern of, at the very least, poor customer service? A company with a very murky reputation?

I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending Dr. Axe to anyone, certainly not my friends or family.

It seems that Google is more and more feeling the same way.

There’s too much good science and well-established facts in nutrition to be wasting time on a company who the BBB warned consumers about and who has disappointed so many of their customers with seeming total regard for basic customer support.

If it’s something as important as my health, I’m not trusting it to anyone, “doctor” or not who doesn’t have a good reputation online and plenty of positive consumer reviews to back that reputation up!

My Dr. Axe Review: F

Update: August 12, 2019: We’ve received so many requests for a Dr. Axe collagen review that we’re working on one now and hope to have it posted after thorough research and customer feedback.

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  1. Does anyone have a phone number other than 855-803-1275? I’m getting no help there, just upsells. I don’t want more, I want less!

  2. Tried to return a collagen order when told by DR that due to wife’s sclerdoma she shouldnt take any collagen. Dr. Axe agreed to the return but never received any refund on the purchase. RIP OFF.

  3. I’m so disillusioned after being taken in by both “doctors” axe and mercola. At least I didn’t pay 10,000 for one of mercola’s tanning beds that cure cancer. I only lost a few hundred and got lied to. Lucky me.

    • We are actually researching an article on Dr. Mercola after hearing of widespread outrage by swindled customers. Stay tuned.

  4. So, true! All the negatives.
    My wife just bought something online from them last night…

    I was surprised she didn’t consult with me because this is my gig.
    I’m a rep for a major company for supplements and was quite familiar with “DR” Axe.

    Now, I’m going through hoops to get a refund from an order LAST NIGHT that they say already magically shipped. I’m so furious with them I could spit. My wife is upset, kind of, but knows I’ll take care of this.

    We usually partner up on things like this, so it must have looked really attractive to her not to pass up. I guess that’s the real problem. They make it seem so great, but in reality it’s not.

    0.0 stars.
    Filed a formal complaint with the BBB
    and am going to shred them on social media everywhere.

    • Mark, would you please be so kind as to keep us posted on your progress in getting a refund? Also, maybe it’d help to post your experience on TrustPilot?

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