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Groundbreaking 9-Part Documentary: “Remedy: Ancient Medicines For Modern Illness” Exclusive Access

Following is a transcript of the official trailer for the new docuseries Remedy: Ancient Medicines For Modern Illness.

There’s a moment in your life when you face a crisis that threatens to derail you from the life you once knew.

Right now we humans are all facing the same challenge whether we know it or not and it might be the biggest challenge in in our history.

Our world is becoming sicker and sicker and you don’t need to look very far to see this truth.

For some of us, we don’t need to look past our own families.

My name is Nick Polizzi and I too suffered from a debilitating illness in my mid-twenties. I know what it’s like to lose hope; I know what it’s like to be out of options. I know what it’s like when your doctor tells you “I’m sorry. There’s nothing else we can do.”

When modern medicine failed me and there were no other options left, I came across medicinal herbs and they changed my life.

This put me on a quest to find the most powerful healing plants that exist on this Earth and what illnesses they can treat. I spent the last decade traveling the world looking for natural solutions to the world’s most devastating illnesses.

healing plantsWhat if there’s a different approach to healing disease that we haven’t been told about? Or perhaps that we’ve forgotten?

What if the answer is hiding in plain sight in the natural world around us?

There are plants that exist on this Earth that hold healing potential for the world’s most devastating illnesses that have never been studies or properly understood by modern medicine.

It’s time that we brought these healing plants forward for the health of our loved ones and the betterment of the human race.

countries pushing for medicinal herbs to be a part of health careAs we speak, countries around the world like China, India and Mexico are pushing to make medicinal herbs a standard part of health care, bringing these healing plants into hospitals and clinics so that every citizen can have access to them.

Why? Because there’s overwhelming evidence that these plants can reverse both minor and life-threatening diseases.

ancient books about medicinal herbs

Herbs were the first medicine that humans ever used and up until 100 years ago, they were our main go-to remedy for any health challenge.

In our new Remedy: Ancient Medicines For Modern Illness documentary series, we’ll reopen this living treasure chest of natural solutions to disease and reveal a number of herbs that could very well save your life or the life of someone you love!

rainforest herbsWe’ll cover a number of the most severe illnesses that our families are suffering from. We’ll also discover the herbs that relieve the conditions that have become all too common. in our daily lives such as chronic physical pain, stress and anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and addiction.

You’ll hear not only from natural health experts but from survivors who overcame each of these illnesses using green medicines, medicinal mushrooms and other herbal treatments.

If you’re looking for a new answer, a new hope, a new way of healing your body that hasn’t been presented to you, I invite you to join us!

To reserve your spot for this nine-day life-changing docuseries, please sign up here and please share this page with anyone you know who could benefit from this information.

Get ready for a binge-worthy adventure into the lost healing secrets of humanity’s forgotten past!

Important dates and times: We will be releasing Episode 1 on September 5th and will then air one episode per day until September 13th. Each episode will be released at 9:00pm Eastern Time (US) on the day it is scheduled.

It’s time to discover ancient and scientifically proven systems of healing that have worked for thousands of years. Solutions that have been buried and paved over by the powers that be.

This is a system of medicine that synergizes with your entire body. One that treats root causesinstead of just masking symptoms and creating side effects.

In this 9-Day Documentary Series, you will hear not only from dozens of renowned experts on natural medicine, but also from brave individuals who have healed and recovered from the most severe modern illnesses – without the use of potentially toxic drugs or invasive surgery.

You will learn about incredible healing plants, time-tested remedies for some of the world’s most threatening diseases, and new perspectives on holistic wellness.

And most importantly, you will learn how you can apply this and help everyone you know to embrace a happier, healthier life.

Sound good?

Ok, let’s get to it!

Here’s the Broadcast Schedule:

(Remember, each episode will only be available for 24 hours, so be sure to print this out and put it where you can see it.)

Episode 1: The Quest For Lost Medicine
(Airs on Wednesday, September 5th)

Episode 2: Stress and Anxiety: The Root of all Disease (Part 1)
and Pain – It’s Secret Origins And How to Dissolve It (Part 2)
(Airs on Thursday, September 6th)

Episode 3: Enhancing Your Immune System (Part 1) and The Miracle of the Microbiome (Part 2)
(Airs on Friday, September 7th)

Episode 4: Boosting Brain Function: How to Sharpen Memory, Clarity, and Focus
(Airs on Saturday, September 8th)

Episode 5: The Silent Epidemic: Lyme Disease & Co-infections
(Airs on Sunday, September 9th)

Episode 6: Healthy Hearts and Happy Minds: Cardiovascular Health and Depression
(Airs on Monday, September 10th)

Episode 7: Finding Youthful Energy (Part 1) and Getting The Best Sleep Of Your Life (Part 2) (Airs on Tuesday, September 11th)

Episode 8: disease: Reversing the Most Dreaded Disease Of Our Time
(Airs on Wednesday, September 12th)

Episode 9: Intimate connections: Sex, Hormones and Reproductive Health
(Airs on Thursday, September 13th)

Again, when you sign up, they’ll be sending you a reminder before each episode goes live, along with a personalizedlink for you to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Groundbreaking 9-Part Documentary: “Remedy: Ancient Medicines For Modern Illness” Exclusive Access”

  1. I am a person who is activity seeking knowledge on natural healing
    Had Lyme disease for a decade
    Modern meds were causing my life force to become weak.
    I then became responsible for my own health which is now back.🙏
    I now share my knowledge with others who wish good health
    So two requests
    Is there a text book in hard copy
    Alt can I buy the disc set of the series

  2. I would like to get the text book on this, if you have one. I don’t have the time to sit for 1 hr to listen to the broadcast.

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