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Corn Silk An Herbal Cure For Urinary Tract Infections

Corn silk (Stigma maydis) comes from the ears of the female corn plant and has traditionally been used by Native Americans and the Chinese as a natural health remedy for many maladies. It is made from the long fibers that are found on top of an ear of corn. Corn Silk Herb is also sometimes called Indian corn, Barbe de Mais or Seda de Mais.

It’s high in healthy nutrients like vitamin K, tannins and cryptoxanthin as well as fiber and proteins.

As with other carotenoids, cryptoxanthin is an antioxidant and may help prevent free radical damage to cells and DNA, as well as stimulate the repair of oxidative damage to DNA. – Wikipedia


Health Benefits of Corn Silk

  • Alleviating urinary tract conditions. Corn silk has been seen to have diuretic effects, which make it useful in treating health problems related to the urinary tract. For example, children who bed wet can be given this herb since it is recognized as helpful in treating the condition. Since it has some antibacterial properties, it is also helpful in treating urinary tract infections as well as in alleviating inflammation in the urethra or bladder.
  • Alleviating kidney problems. Taking Corn silk herb daily can help with treating kidney infections as well as preventing the development of kidney stones. Because of its positive effect on the health of the kidney, this herb has also been observed as being useful in managing hypertension. It does so by lowering a patient’s blood pressure.

In addition, there are some miscellaneous benefits associated with taking corn silk herb, including:

How do you make Corn Silk tea?

The main way that corn silk is used as an herbal supplement is as a tea.

You’ll be glad to know that it’s quick and easy to make corn silk tea.

Simply take two teaspoons of this herb and steep in boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes before drinking. You can drink this tea for up to three times daily. You might find it easier and more convenient to buy ready-to-make corn silk tea products, as linked-to below.

You can also take corn silk as a tincture. Take three ml to six ml three times a day.

Corn Silk’s Benefits For UTI Infections and Other Urinary System Issues

The main benefit of corn silk is as a treatment for urinary system problems, including inflammation and bladder infections. It may also help in treating a variety of other health conditions including fatigue, hypertension, blood disorders, high cholesterol and congestive heart failure.

Corn Silk Side Effects, Risks and Contraindications

If you’re suffering from health problems related to your urinary tract, taking corn silk extract herbal supplements or tea might help you.

However, before you start to take this herb, you should consult with your doctor or other health professional in order to avoid negative interactions with any medications you may presently be taking. In addition, pregnant women as well as those who are breastfeeding should also be careful when they use this herb.

Finally, this video explores ten amazing health benefits of corn silk tea. Enjoy the video and please leave any questions or comments for us to answer about this herbal remedy below!

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