Cnidium Monnieri: Erectile Dysfunction Benefits and More [2019 Data]

Cnidium Monnieri is an annual herb that is indigenous to China, where the plant is found growing in ditches and the edges of fields. However, it also grows in Russia, Mongolia and Korea and has be found growing as an invasive species in Oregon.

Cnidium Monnieri has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years to treat skin conditions as an ingredient in ointments, creams and lotions. In Chinese, Cnidium fruit is She Chuang Zi.

However, much excitement is being generated among those who suffer from sexual dysfunction and who want to enhance their libido because of the sexual wellness benefits and uses the herbal plant offers.

Health Benefits

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Treatment for sexual dysfunction.

Cnidium seeds are believed to naturally help boost the libido as well as addressing male sexual and erectile dysfunction (ED). Pure natural Cnidium Monnieri is considered an aphrodisiac and reproductive aid.

It has been used by both men and women to help with sexual conditions such as low sex drive, impotence and erectile dysfunction.

For ED, many herbalists will often prescribe it’s use in an herbal “stack” along with schisandra berry tea and/or horny goat weed. Anecdotal evidence indicates that, while not a PDE5 inhibitor like Cialis (tadalafil) or Viagra (sildenafil), these herbal stacks are often incredibly effective in promoting penis health and the ability to achieve and maintain erection.

Why does it work so well as a natural erection enhancer? Because of the coumarin compounds called osthole (or just osthol), imperatorin, isopimpinellin and auraptenol. The extract of osthole was shown in a study on rabbits to have wonderful erection-enhancing properties by increasing nitric oxide levels and blood flow needed to maintain erection.

Skin rashes.

To help treat this condition, this herb is turned into a paste and then it is applied to the affected area. It has been observed to help soothe and treat the affected area and is a pure natural remedy to treat skin conditions like eczema, irritation and itchiness, and ringworm.

Low muscle mass.

Cnidium Monnieri can enhance your workouts by helping you build increased muscle mass. It’s garnering more and more interest in the bodybuilding community for that reason.

Skin infections.

This herb can be used in order to help avoid infections. Many hikers and campers apply this herb to any cuts and abrasions they get.


For those who are prone to weakened bones, taking this herb might help to prevent problems in the future.

Low energy.

One of the traditional uses of this herb has been to help increase a person’s vitality by increasing their energy levels.

However, before using this herb you should consult with a doctor or other medical professionals to ensure that it is safe for you to take and has no negative interactions with any medications you may be taking. Pregnant or lactating women are always urged to speak with their primary care physician before embarking on any alternative holistic herbal health care program.


Cnidium Monnieri has been proven to treat a range of ailments naturally and safely and since it’s an herb, the chances of side effects are low. The most promising reviews from users of herbal extracts are for treating low libido and erectile dysfunction in men. If you use it as directed and under the advice of a medical professional, you should enjoy the benefits of the fruit extract, essential oils or tea with little/no side effects or minimal risk.

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