Liver Detox & Cleanse: Best Herbs and Supplements (#2 Is Shocking)

Your liver is the second largest organ in your body next to the skin. Its natural function is to clean your body of the toxins it fights on a daily basis.

Without your liver you’d be sick within hours. Needless to say, it is one of the most important parts of the body. The liver keeps everything running smoothly by giving a balance to your circulation, digestion and hormones, by regulating fat and cleansing the blood.

Top Herbs To Include In a Liver Detox

These supplements can help cleanse and protect the liver from toxins which could compromise your health:

  • Schizandra – As a stage one and two liver cleanser Schizandra both cleanses and protects your liver making it my absolute favorite daily tonic to promote liver health.
  • He Shou Wu – A classic Chinese herb that boosts Jing and promotes a healthy liver and kidneys. It is also famous for preventing hair greying.
  • Milk thistle: This cleansing herb helps in blocking toxins because of its strong antioxidant content. It is often taken in capsule form and is taken daily for a long period to aid in repairing a damaged liver.
  • Lemons: powerful cleansing product that is not only good for the liver, but also for kidneys, lungs, the gallbladder, and digestive tract. A little warm water and lemon in the morning will rapidly hydrate your body preparing it for a days work.
  • Black walnuts: These can be found in either capsule or powder form if you don’t enjoy eating raw organic raw nuts. Black walnuts can be consumed daily for 30 days to rid the blood and liver of toxins.
  • Dandelion root tea: Probably one of the most popular herbal teas to support the liver this I definitely recommend either this or Schizandra for people in need of liver support. My personal recommendation is to drink dandelion tea in spring when you can harvest the leaves fresh from outside your home.

The Best Solution Is Prevention

While all the above supplements and herbs are great to use, the best liver detox supplement is prevention, which is only possible by striking balance and harmony in your body. Eating a healthy diet, minimizing alcohol consumption, drinking lots of filtered water and getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night are the best way to a healthy liver.

Consuming large amounts of junk foods and alcohol can cause liver toxicity. These unhealthy substances to get caught in the liver, which can cause it to work very hard. A steady diet of junk will eventually make the liver look like a wet and dirty sponge that needs to be washed out. The liver becomes fatty, blocked, or bloated once it becomes congested since it could no longer filter blood. This could eventually lead to high cholesterol that will put the person’s health in jeopardy.

A person can only survive for a day or two once the liver shuts down. Even then, the liver is an incredible organ that regenerates new tissue even when compromised by 75%!

Liver Detox Home Remedy

Experts such as organic herbal dieticians and practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that a drastic detox of the liver is not the answer since this is the organ that works hard to rid the body of toxins.

The safest and best liver detox supplement is food. Your liver can be cleansed naturally just by not eating toxic foods and instead eating foods with high levels of natural metabolites and low calories like fruit and avoiding fats. This combined with minimal alcohol intake and lots of water can fully detoxify your liver over a 1-2 month period adding potentially years to your life.

Herbal Supplements for Liver Support

This liver detox process can be greatly improved with the help of some liver detox herbs, I know I keep telling you about Schizandra but it is just the best if you are looking for a high functioning liver. But just because I am telling you about a “secret Chinese herb” doesn’t give you an excuse to avoid your superfoods adding dark green leafy vegetables, mint, ginger, and beetroot into your daily diet are the best way to make sure your liver remains healthy and vibrant.

Next let’s learn more about the basic function of the liver and why you might want to consider a healthy┬áliver support supplement and/or health regimen.

What is the function of your liver?

The liver is one of the body’s vital organs and the second largest next to the skin. Its function is to process all that the body eats and consumes and absorbs (including the air we breathe) and turn these into energy (glucose) to sustain bodily functions. It accumulates all nutrients and feeds them into the other cells and organs of the body. It filters the blood and cleans or detoxifies the body.

Why do people seek Liver support?

The liver is constantly subjected to battering and the stress that toxins bring together with the food that is eaten. These toxin sources are alcohol, carcinogens, preservatives, pesticides, germs, heavy metals, residues from medicines taken etc. that harm the body. These toxins are filtered out of the blood by the liver and manufacture bile to aid in digestion and secrete hormones and enzymes for sustained healthy body function.

While the liver works hard to eliminate all these toxins, some are retained. This is why the liver needs support to sustain its food processing and cleansing functions in terms of lifestyle changes and the taking of liver strengthening supplements.

In addition to liver support supplementation the following habits are the basic things you can do to maintain a healthy high functioning liver.

  • Avoid eating GMO food and conventional food treated with pesticides
  • Don’t consume fried food
  • Don’t eat transfats, and hydrogenated fats
  • Increased portions of fruits and vegetables (specifically raw and organic).
  • Reduced alcohol intake
  • Use natural household cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoid smoking and pollution

Best Liver Support Supplements

SchizandraThere are a number of supplements that strengthen the liver and/or aid in the process of detoxification.

Glutathione, an antioxidant and aids in detoxification; schizandra which is a berry-like fruit from ancient China which strengthens the liver and contains the five basic flavors of Chinese herbal medicines; milk thistle an antioxidant which promotes protein synthesis, blocks toxins, and the growth of liver cells and resists the harmful effects of cell-damaging oxidation; N-acetyl Cysteine in Glutathione which facilitates an effective and efficient and healthful detoxification process; and alpha lipoic acid a natural substance produced by cells which processes food eaten from glucose into energy for the use of the body’s cells and organs.

Growing in popularity for their effectiveness, efficiency, and safety, Schisandra and Shilajit outperform all other liver supplements available in the market. Scientific researches show that both supplements are excellent anti-oxidants which cleanse the liver of toxins, purify the blood, support kidney health and reduce the damage of free-radicals on body cells among others which include anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic , anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-aging, and the mental enhancing features for shilajit and anti-toxic, anti-allergenic, anti-depressant and anti-fatigue attributes for schizandra. Schizandra is, in fact, popularly used for the treatment of liver diseases such as hepatitis as illustrated by DBD, a schisandra-based liver treatment developed by the Chinese.

These two natural products are popularly distributed as an herbal tea and tonic drink in the Chinese, Korean, Himalayan, and Russian contexts in support of general physical well-being, the health of liver and kidney, and the enhancement of spiritual power.

Thus, as stimulants, both natural products are effective and safe substitutes for caffeine-based coffee.

Schizandra, a berry, is the best herb in the roster of Chinese traditional medicines and Shilajit, a highly-prized phytochemical, is derived from decayed plants found in the cracks of rocks in mountain sides. Purblack, a Shilajit-based product, neutralizes the effects of alcohol which is a major cause of liver ailments.

Both products can be safely consumed in recommended quantities. Caution must be exercised to ensure the consumption of purified Shilajit because of the presence of toxins, heavy metals, and gems given its origin as a natural product. Consumers are warned against the use of both supplements by pregnant women. Epileptics and those with hypertension or hyper-acidity must refrain from using Schizandra.

Benefits of liver cleansing

Do you know that your liver is your first defense against the harmful effects of toxins? Thus, it pays to ensure that your liver is clean. The most important liver cleanse benefits are the following:

  • Improved digestion for better health
  • Weight loss and management
  • Clear and healthy skin
  • Clear and alert mind
  • Control and prevention of high blood sugar
  • Stronger immune system
  • Flush out toxins in the body more effectively
  • Clear your blood of bacteria and other pathogens
  • Improve your body’s absorption of nutrients including iron
  • Boost your metabolism for more body energy
  • Maintain the good balance of hormones in your body and optimize hormonal production including your sex hormones

How to do liver cleansing.

You have many ways to do liver cleansing, but it pays to choose and start with natural methods. One of the best natural methods is to use herbs for liver cleansing.

The most effective liver cleanse herbs are the following:

  • Dandelion is a weed with multiple health benefits including cleansing your liver. It contains flavonoids that have the ability to purify the blood that lessens the load the liver has to do.
  • The WebMD lists milk thistle and schizandra as effective herbs for liver cleansing. These herbs do not only detoxify the liver, but they can also protect its cells against the damage caused by free radicals.

You can create your own liver cleansing tea using these herbs, or you may also choose to take them as your dietary supplement.

The Best Liver Cleanse Supplements

If you want convenience without compromising quality, then it pays to know how to choose the best liver cleanse supplement. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Limit your choices to supplements that come from reputable manufacturers and sellers. They have a reputation to protect, so your chances of getting high quality and genuine supplements are greater if you purchase from them.
  • Check the ingredients and make sure they are natural and effective, such as the three herbs mentioned earlier. The product should have enough studies to back it up.

For instance, milk thistle has several research findings that prove it’s effective in detoxifying and protecting the liver. However, you also have to consider the manufacturer as well as the legitimacy of the seller to be able to get the best from liver cleanse supplements.

Live Cleansing Diet

Here’s a simple water infusion recipe to cleanse your liver. This recipe is easy and quick to make:
Ingredients: about eight (8) pieces strawberries, one medium-sized lemon cut into slices, purified or filtered water.

  1. In a mason jar, mix your strawberries and lemon.
  2. Pour your purified or filtered water over the mixed ingredients.
  3. Place the jar in your refrigerator for about six (6) hours or overnight.
  4. Enjoy your refreshing drink that will also cleanse your liver.

Strawberries and lemons are rich in nutrients that can flush out toxins from your body systems including your liver. These fruits will make it easier for your liver to do its job. Why not benefit from this simple natural liver cleanse recipe?

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