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Agrimony: Top 9 Health Benefits (#3 Will Surprise You)

Agrimony, also known as Agrimonia eupatoria, is an herb that belongs to the perennial herbaceous flowering plants of the Rosaceae rose family. Dubbed as ‘Church Steeples’ for its long flower-spikes, the Agrimony plant can grow to about two feet high. It has abundant leaves and its flowers are yellow.

Although this plant usually grows in the Northern Hemisphere, it is widely known across the globe. Hence, it has become known in different countries by different names.

Some of its names include:

  • Agrimone
  • Agrimonia
  • Agrimonia eupatoria
  • Aigremoine
  • Aigremoine Eupatoire
  • Church Steeples
  • Churchsteeples
  • Cockeburr
  • Cocklebur
  • Common Agrimony
  • Da Hua Long Ya Cao
  • Eupatoire-des-Anciens
  • Fragrant Agrimony
  • Francormier
  • Herba Agrimoniae
  • Herbe-de-Saint-Guillaume
  • Herbe de Sainte Madeleine
  • Philanthropos
  • Soubeirette
  • Sticklewort
  • Tha des Bois
  • Tha du Nord
  • Toute-Bonne

agrimonia eupatoriaWho can benefit?

People who suffer from diarrhea and sore throat and need a quick holistic remedy may greatly benefit from this herb. But more importantly, its ability to detoxify the body and control inflammation are well-documented.

Agrimonia eupatoria is considered quite safe to take and has the potential to be greatly beneficial for almost anyone, including children. In fact, Michael Drayton, a 17th century English poet, declared the herb as a ‘heal-all’ agent.

Note that precautionary measures must be taken if this herb is to be administered to pregnant or lactating women. As with any time you embark on an alternative herbal health treatment, make sure to heed your doctor’s advice.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Agrimony’s top health benefits now.

Health Benefits of Agrimony

  1. sore throat
  2. stomach pain, mild diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  3. PMS and other menstrual issues
  4. blood disorders
  5. gallbladder disorders, and fluid retention
  6. disease, tuberculosis
  7. bleeding
  8. corns and warts
  9. used as a heart tonic, sedative, and antihistamine (when used as a gargle)

As an herb, Agrimony has a long history of medical applications. Long ago, it was applied on tired feet during foot baths. It has been used for foot baths by people in different countries for centuries.

Also during ancient times, this herb was used for soothing and for keeping people calm. In fact, in the 1930s an English Homeopath named Edward Bach used Agrimony to help emotionally-challenged people. Along with 37 other flowers, he used the herb to prepare the Bach flower remedies. Back then, his drink was used by people suffering from anxiety emotional and spiritual problems.

Why is agrimonia eupatoria so beneficial? Quite simply, the plant contains chemicals called tannins, flavan-3-ols, flavonols, flavones and phenolic acids which have a wonderfully healing antioxidant effect. Further, they’ve been proven to be inherently anti-inflammatory and analgesic in nature.

Other beneficial active compounds include thiamin (one of the water-soluble B-vitamins), catechins (helps rid the body of fat and bad cholesterol) and quercitrin (another flavonoid with amazing antioxidant capabilities).

When the raw herb is crushed and applied directly on the skin, this chemical acts as a mild drying agent or astringent. This property is also what makes the herb effective against diarrhea. It’s generally safe and it’s safe enough for children due to its low toxicity. It can also help reduce skin sores due to porphyria. It may also be used to treat mild skin redness and swelling.

Agrimony is well-known to those who love Bach flower remedies for anxiety. In that form it’s usually taken as a liquid extract.

Agrimony tea, oil and tincture health supplements are widely available and quite possibly the easiest way to benefit from this fantastic herb. Practitioners of homeopathy are also familiar with its healing properties.

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