About Urbol

“Urbol? That’s a funny way to spell herbal!”


Are you interested in restoring your body to balance, health and vitality by the use of traditional, holistic, alternative and/or all-natural herbal medicine?

Then you’re in the right place!

Hi, My name is Kurt Watson and I’m a life-long holistic health practitioner and board-certified health professional. I like to help both men and women better understand the uses and benefits of herbs and how to treat minor chronic health conditions through natural means.

I’m also super into medicinal mushrooms, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, but we can get into that shortly.

Why Urbol?

Urbol is not a medical journal and the ideas and information shared on this website are personal and anecdotal; not intended to diagnose or treat disease.

If you are working with a serious illness and need medical advice we always recommend you talk to your family practitioner and in the case you want to take a natural approach have them refer you to an alternative naturalistic doctor.

If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to discuss, please get in touch by sending a message at the bottom of every page on the site!

Traditional Chinese Medicine

We have a lot of articles about Chinese medicine herbs on this website but typically we are talking about them from a western perspective. For information on Chinese herbs using the traditional systems (yin/yang, qi, jing, shen and meridians) we will have this kind of information in the future in the mean time you might want to find a different source.

Ayurveda Traditional Indian Medicine

Ayurveda is also a classical form of medicine that I have a lot of respect for. We do not use the Doshas etc. as a lens for the herbs we talk about although we do include Ayurvedic herbs in this publication. For more information on Ayurvedic system of medicine try contacting a local practitioner.

Medicinal Mushrooms

The evidence is overwhelming that medicinal mushrooms are potent weapons in the fight for top health, and the evidence continues to grow almost daily. Whether you’re interested in them for their significant nootropic cognitive enhancing effects, antioxidant and anti-viral properties or their innate ability to fight diseases like disease, you really owe it to your wellness to better understand medicinal mushrooms. We hope we can help!

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        • That would be an awesome resource the thing is dosage varies depending on the preparation. A lot of these herbs are best taken as a powdered extract or by making tea with the whole herb if you take quality product the side effects should be minimal. That being said there are some side effects from taking herbs (especially when you take them consistently for over a month) and it is far less researched than the benefits of them. I am going to have to think about this one it would be a massive project, I appreciate the feedback!

  1. I would like to subscribe to any newsletter you may produce. I don’t see any SUBSCRIBE button for emails, so I’ll just send this message and if you do produce a regular scheduled email, please sign me up for future info.

    Thank you, John Rigo – [email protected]

  2. The undersigned y owning “Planta Herbal Global” FB page would like to make tie-up with your company in combating Dengue & Prostate problem here in the Philippines. We would like to display your product and knowledge base in our FB web page…

  3. Great site and basis of participation. Looking forward to learning and sharing with all of the members in its “community”. I appreciate the site’s very nature, pardon the pun.

  4. Tried the wet cough relief recipes and worked!! In South Africa many people react to the season changes, including me.

  5. Great resource website. Please write articles covering: sedating vs stimulating adaptogens , why high dose of some herbs make you sedating and small dose stimulating. Combining herbs that are sedating and stimulating in one formula and effect to the body.

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