Where To Buy Matcha Green Tea

If you are looking to buy some Matcha green tea you have come to the right place. In this article I will outline where you can go to buy Matcha both online and offline as well as what to look for to identify quality (something which is often not directly associated with price).

For those of you looking for Maca green tea: Maca and Matcha green tea are both the same thing, The green tea is key in this case. Maca is a root from the andeas in south america, it is a great superfood supplement but not a green tea. So the key here is we are looking for a tea not a root superfood.

How to identify the best Matcha green teas

Matcha PowderqYou have to say the best Matcha green tea because if it isn’t the best then why bother… unless you would rather save money like me. In that case, this is how to not buy crap just because it has Matcha green tea written on the label.

Basically, you go off color good Matcha is green, very green, let’s call it bright spring grass stain green. If it seems yellowish, it is stale and, believe me, an amazing number of companies are selling stale matcha. Why? Because it is cheap to produce and they know you’re going to buy it when you see the pretty label.

In short: Bright spring grass stain green = better flavor + more antioxidants

Mathematically: green=freshness

Scientifically go somewhere else I can’t help you there.

Where to look for this beautiful green goodness

Because of the popularity of this article I have two different crowds of readers, so: If you are searching for where to buy Matcha green tea online scroll past this next section. If you are looking for where to buy Matcha green tea in a local store read on my friend!

Now if you are into local shopping head over to your local health food store go to the tea aisle and see if they have it. Also local juice bars and tea houses are a good bet. I’m throwing that in front because otherwise I will get a plethora of Portlandians putting me up on blast for promoting national brands.

Disclaimer: I am telling you about this big national chains because guess what, they are the same in my city as they are in yours… imagine that. So if you don’t want to shop at Trader Joes and Whole Foods go google matcha tea + your city name and see who sells it.

matcha-tea-cupFor the first timers, Trader Joe’s sells a tasty matcha green tea latte. It comes in a round tin and is pretty low quality, but it isn’t bitter… or healthy. It is a good way to get you used to the new flavor so you can try something with actual health benefits later.

Whole foods have a decent selection of matcha. At the time of writing this article they had these brands on the shelves:

In my non-scientific and probably dismissable opinion the best one is:

Where to buy Matcha Green Tea online

From the best duh. If you are going to go to all the effort of buying matcha online and having it mailed to you then get something good.

My favorite is Encha ceremonial grade matcha green tea (below). Great product and a reasonable price. Here

Etcha Matcha Green Tea


So there you have it if you have any comments or questions leave a comment bellow.

Have the best day ever!

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