Tribulus: Herbal Anabolic Strength

Commonly known as Puncture Vine, Tribulus is a flowering plant that can help improve the overall functions of the human body and enhance overall health. Although it has long been used in most parts of Eastern Europe and Asia as a medicinal herb, it is commonly used today as a nutritional supplement all over the world.

There are many other benefits attributed to the plant extract. These include increasing levels of energy, boosting libido, and enhancing muscle strength and size. The FDA does not maintain it on its list of controlled dangerous substances, but the agency does not endorse it either. Discretion on taking the extract is upon the individual, so it must be used with caution.
Benefits and Applications

Uses and Expected Benefits of Tribulus Extract

Improved Muscle Strength and Mass

tribulus anabolicAccording to Iron Magazine, the extract offers benefits similar to steroids or synthetic anabolic hormones. Consumption of the substance triggers the release of luteinizing hormones. When this happens, the testicles generate more testosterone. The same magazine said that based on studies conducted in Europe, the extract can increase the production of testosterone by 30 to 50%. The higher the testosterone levels, the more strength and mass the muscle gains.

Testosterone also quickens the process of protein synthesis and promotes positive nitrogen balance. This in turn speeds up the recovery of muscle fibers from the effects of a rigorous workout session. When this happens, the person can lift weights more often, and at a greater intensity level.

Finally, a higher level of testosterone increases the urination rate in a way that can be compared to a diuretic. More frequent urination helps sculpt the body to give it a lean, solid muscular look.

Boost Libido or Increase Sexual Functionality and Drive

A widely-circulated newspaper called A Daily Newspaper reported on the effects of the extract in bodybuilding sometime in February 2010. It mentioned the results of studies done in Bulgaria that showed the supplement’s role in enhancing libido and sex drive, as well as in improving sperm quality.
Likewise, the Herbal Powers website gave references to a study done on 212 males that validated claims that the use of Tribulus helps increase libido, and can result to more frequent and stronger erections and sexual reflexes. Once a male reaches 30 years old, the level of testosterone goes on a gradual but steady decline. Thus, even if one does not exercise, taking the extract may prove beneficial because of the many sexual advantages it offers.

Significantly Increase Energy Levels

Both the Truly Huge and All Star Health websites claim that the extract will help increase one’s energy levels. It is also believed to improve the immune system and enhance the overall mood. A happy disposition and a stronger immune system work together in energizing the body. In addition, the extract makes it possible for an individual to engage in more strenuous workout sessions on a consistent basis. Working out is known to increase a person’s level of energy.

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