Terminalia Belerica An Ayurvedic Pain Killer?

Terminalia belerica is widely recognized for its multiple medicinal uses. According to its reputation in Ayurveda medicine, its power in strengthening the immune system is incomparable.

History of Terminalia belerica

Bibhitaki, which means fearless, is the Sanskrit name for Terminalia belerica. Northern India’s Hindus would avoid it because they believed evil spirits inhabited it. However, due to the prevalence of Arabian medicine, it was still used in India. The Arabs from India introduced its medicinal uses to the Europeans. Moreover, the literal meaning of its name is believed to be appropriate. When taken, an individual’s body becomes “fearless of diseases.”

Apart from its basionym, Myrobalanus bellerica Gaertn, it is known by many names. Among the list are Vibhitaki, Bahira, Bahera, Baheda, Bilhitak, Arjuna, Bedda Nut, Bastard Myrobalan, and Beleric Myrobalan.

Growing the Ayurvedic Herb: Where & How

Terminalia belerica is a deciduous tree of the Combretacea family. Its leaves grow about fifteen centimeters long and are crowded toward the branches’ end. It flowers during the months of October and November and bears fruit during November and December.

It is commonly found on the lower hills and plains in India. It is found in nearby regions in Southeast Asia and Southwest China, too. In these places, it is a popular avenue tree.

It is a perennial plant and it is best grown in a tropical climate. While it is often seen at high altitudes, it can survive at low altitudes too.

Nearly every portion of it can be used. Typically, it bears flowers at the age of three months and fruit at the age of three years.

Which Parts Are for Medicinal Use?

Terminalia belerica is lauded for its plethora of medicinal uses. Its fruit, seeds, and flowers contain powerful medicinal properties.

Minute pale pubescence covers its fruit. When this fruit ripens, it can be eaten. They are known for their incredible anti-bacterial activity, as well as their chacolagogic effect.

Its seeds are used as laxatives, anthelmintic, anti-pyretic and germicidal agents, as well as astringents. These can be eaten, but should be done so in moderation.

The oil extracted from its greenish-yellow flowers provides nourishment for the skin and hair. It can be applied topically and will greatly enhance texture in the applied area. It is a highly effective healing agent, too.

Terminalia belerica’s Primary Benefit

As mentioned, Terminalia belerica’s primary benefit is strengthening the immune system. Due to being a natural product, it comes with few dangerous side effects. With consistent moderate use, it can significantly improve the body’s overall function.

One of the ways it helps the body function normally is by eliminating toxins that can disrupt processes. It regulates blood flow and ensures seamless circulation.

It is very powerful. For an individual whose quality of life needs improving, it is the ideal supplement. It will revitalize and re-condition the system. A few weeks after use, it can reveal major results.

List of the herb’s benefits:

  • Cures migraines and headaches
  • Cures fever
  • Cures excessive thirst
  • Cures spermatorrhea and increases sexual drive
  • Promotes hair growth and treats baldness, alopecia, and other related problems
  • Remedies hoarseness of voice and sore throat
  • Remedies weak eyesight and treats conjunctivitis
  • Remedies asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions
  • Restores cough reflex
  • Enhances body resistance
  • Adds luster to the hair
  • Serves as an appetizer
  • Balances cholesterol levels
  • Works as a laxative
  • Works as a detox agent
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Regulates blood pressure levels
  • Removes excess mucus
  • Regulates digestive function and cures indigestion and constipation
  • Treats cardiovascular diseases
  • Treats blocked nose, runny nose, and sinusitis
  • Treats anemia
  • Treats dental problems
  • Treats kidney diseases
  • Treats ascariasis
  • Treats snakebites and many other animal bites

Taking Terminalia belerica

Among the concerns of those who take Terminalia belerica is the taste. Different portions of the herb taste differently. Its seed kernel is sweet, while its seed is naturally astringent. While it is beneficial for the health, its fruit’s bitter taste can be difficult to tolerate.

It can be taken after meals. Warm milk and honey as complements will enhance absorption.

The energy it expends is hot. Since it is recognized as a natural thermogenic, it can effectively add warmth to the body. With the assistance of an Ayurveda medicine practitioner, it can produce promising health benefits.

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