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Shilajit: Top 9 Health Benefits (Latest Research)

When I found Shilajit, I had any number of supplements in my cabinet but they all had one thing in common, quality.

If you are looking for a cheap substance up-sold as a panacea for every ailment under the sun with a bunch of questionable reviews, you should avoid Shilajit. This stuff is rare and valuable with some very specific and incredible benefits.

I don’t want to waste your time by pretending it is something it is not or by telling stories that can’t be backed up by science and real evidence.

I will say that if you find a source for genuine and quality live resin, you are in for a real treat. As someone that cares about quality over quantity, this resin can only be described as elite.


Health Benefits of Shilajit

These are some of the top shilajit benefits that I believe really set this resin apart from the crowd. Note: Check back soon as I’m currently doing research on the specific health benefits of shilajit for men and women.

After years of research and trial and error, I personally take this Shilajit from Lost Empire Herbs and recommend it based on its superior quality and value. Click the link or image to see how their extraction process is second-to-none and get 15% off your first order. They have the best pitch, powder or resin available on the planet!

1. Mood Stabilizing

This is the first thing I noticed when I started taking Shilajit. After the first week, my mood rapidly improved. A few days in I felt the edge coming off my anxiety, but over time the effect built up to the point where I rarely get anxious anymore.

This has been supported in studies where when tested against Xanax, shilajit showed similar results without any of the side effects associated with prescription benzodiazepine drugs like chlordiazepoxide (Librium), diazepam (Valium, Diastat Acudial, Diastat), estazolam, lorazepam (Ativan), oxazepam (Serax in the US), alprazolam (Xanax, Xanax XR), clobazam (Onfi), clonazepam (Klonopin), clorazepate (Tranxene), temazepam (Restoril) or triazolam (Halcion).

Apart from WebMD info and clinical studies, there’s a massive amount of anecdotal testimonials showing its benefits as a mood stabilizer and great aid in battling depression.

Shilajit Benefits Infographic

2. Antioxidant

Shilajit has a unique set of antioxidant properties that are well proven but difficult to explain. In short, it inhibits lipid peroxidation and reduces glutathione. In layman’s terms, it prevents the free radicals that cause oxidization in your blood.

3. Antibacterial

Shilajit has been tested and proven effective for fighting various bacterial infections including staphylococci and streptococci, proving it as a powerful antibacterial substance.

4. Alcohol Addiction and Withdrawal

When tested against Xanax in treating anxiety caused by alcohol withdrawal, Shilajit had comparable results to the prescription medication. It showed a significant reduction in depression and stress levels without producing side effects.

5. Immune System

Health Benefits of Shilajit - Immune systemIt is a nonspecific immune stimulator.  It has been proven to regenerate the immune system, boosting overall immune function and restoring your immune system to its natural rhythm.

6. Blood Sugar in blood disorders

Shilajit has been successfully shown to improve blood sugar levels in those suffering from blood disorders through the repair and regeneration of the pancreas gland.

7. Cognitive Enhancer (Nootropic)

Shilajit has been used traditionally to increase mental function, showing both effects in learning ability and memory. Modern science has supported this by demonstrating that the resin was able to slow the natural degeneration of neurons in your nervous system.

It’s quickly gaining popularity among the nootropics community for its benefits for the brain, mood, and depression. Reading the reviews is very interesting among those users.

There’s even a recently published study showing how effective it is as a high-altitude sickness remedy.

8. Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Health Benefits of Shilajit - Broken boneMultiple studies have shown the incredible regenerative effects of Shilajit. It was used as an anabolic agent by the soviet sports and military thanks to the extensive results it has shown when it comes to healing muscle and bone tissues.

One extreme example is a study that demonstrated supplementing this mineral resin doubled the healing time of broken bones in the test subjects. It has also been shown to protect neurons and help increase muscle mass after activity.

It has repeatedly shown to be able to restore the human body to its natural healthy state.

9. Sleep

There is one more thing that sets Shilajit apart.

I have heard a lot of adaptogens recommended to promote sleep but for me, it has a way of correcting my natural rhythm. I find myself tired at a reasonable hour, and I sleep very well, waking up earlier ready to go.

Maybe that just has to do with having less anxiety and depression, but I will take it happily. That’s why I like taking shilajit before bed.

I did a super in-depth analysis of the benefits of shilajit including all the citations for the benefits I listed above. You can find it here.

Background Information on Shilajit

Its Latin name is Asphaltum punjabianum, and shilajit is also known locally as barahshin, baragshun, shargai and dorobi. Alternative spellings are shilajeet and salajeet, and more uncommonly you might hear it referred to as mineral wax or mineral pitch. You can find out more about this sort of thing on WebMD.


Health Benefits of Shilajit - Ayurvedic medicineAll the way back to the 6th century, we find medical reviews and records detailing some of the many uses and benefits of Shilajit. Much of the foundation of Ayurvedic medicine is based on Shilajit.

It is a harmonizer that can improve the benefits of other botanical herbs while diminishing their potential side effects. The lack of a presence of genuine Shilajit has nothing to do with its efficacy but with its limited supply.

In areas where Shilajit is found in abundance, it is a staple in every medicine cabinet. As a friend of mine once said when I was talking to him about shilajit “I know that stuff! My grandma used to give it to me for everything, she just called it the medicine.”

Where Does Shilajit Come From?

It originates mainly in areas of Karakuram, Tibet mountains, Caucasus mountains, the Himalaya Mountains, Altai Mountains, Karakuram, Tibet mountains, Caucasus mountains, and mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. Strangely enough, a substance very similar was found all the way in Antarctica!

Ayurvedic Energetics

Function: Heating
Taste: Pungent, astringent, bitter and salty in taste
Gunas: Dry and Heavy
Works on: Soft Tissue, Nervous System

Where can you find shilajit in nature?

After years of research and trial and error, I personally take this Shilajit from Lost Empire Herbs and recommend it based on its superior quality and value. Click the link or image to see how their extraction process is second-to-none and get 15% off your first order. They have the best pitch, powder or resin available on the planet!

Shilajit pitch only forms under very particular circumstances in limited regions of Northwest China, Southern Siberia, and Northeast India. Because of this, the best shilajit resins have traded for their weight in gold for much of its long history.

Names for the resin vary from region to region and have many spellings depending on who did the translations, but some of the most common alternative names and spellings are Shilajeet, Mumijo Moomiyo, Shilajit and Black Asphaltum.

The Truth About Shilajit Powder

Shilajit Powder in class bowl
Shilajit Powder (looks a bit like dirt)

Shilajit powder is an interesting subject to me. It is always promoted with excessively high fulvic acid and mineral content.

Something you can buy as a fertilizer which interestingly looks a lot like shilajit powder.

I cannot legally tell you that Shilajit powder is not an authentic product, but that is only because anyone can sell cow manure under the label of Shilajit providing they furnish the right COAs that prove the substance is non-toxic.

What I can and will do is point you toward some of the patent applications that show you that Shilajit powder is being made using methanol, a wood-based alcohol that is “used for industrial and automotive purposes” –nih.gov

This is my opinion but here is the patent. The thing that triggers suspicion is in section [0027] with the procedure for extraction, genuine natural resins can be purified with just water and produce a totally safe, highly effective, and contaminant-free resin.

I see no reason to add the information in Section D “extracting the residue with a hot organic solvent, e.g. methanol” would be necessary if they were doing an extraction process on a genuine resin.

If someone can explain this to me I would love an answer, but as it stands they are working with some other substance acquired from sedimentary rock, and my vote is it is raw dirt.

Yes, dirt!

It’s puzzling how shilajit extract side effects are popping up when in its natural form it has none.

Shilajit Resins

Health Benefits of Shilajit - ResinWhen it comes to resins, you have similar quality control issues with companies taking powders and making them resinous by mixing in raw tree sap until they get something that has a close enough to pass off to an unsuspecting customer. You’ll find out about this as you read customer reviews and testimonials.

A good shilajit resin is something you can take in incredibly small doses and still experience a significant benefit. I have been recommended to take shilajit dosage from a grain of rice to a pea-sized ball.

I personally go for the latter, but my parents opt for a dose the size of a grain of rice. So when you tally up the cost of keeping a supply of resin, keep that in mind it is easy to make a 30g jar go for 3 months of daily use.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Shilajit?

At the end of the day, you have to turn to brands and rely on them for quality control. I did a lot of research, tried a lot of products, read thousands of shilajit reviews and ultimately, I chose to take Lost Empire Herbs and absolutely love their product.

They have more quality control steps than anyone I have found and even take it as far as having unique serial numbers on each jar to prevent counterfeits. What really sealed the deal for me was all the reviews and testimonials.

Additional Reading on Shilajit

So, does Shilajit work? I say so! I hope you can benefit from the research and reviews I have done, and help spread awareness about the issues of counterfeiting in the supplement industry.

Lastly, before you go would you please post a comment or question below?

After years of research and trial and error, I personally take this Shilajit from Lost Empire Herbs and recommend it based on its superior quality and value. Click the link or image to see how their extraction process is second-to-none and get 15% off your first order. They have the best pitch, powder or resin available on the planet!

Got tips or opinions? Have you personally experienced some of the health benefits of shilajit or maybe even had an unexpected side effect? Have you found benefits from the Patanjali shilajit capsules?

We even have visitors asking us things like “is shilajit addictive?” and “can you smoke shilajit?” and “will shilajit get you high?” And experiences? I’d also like to hear any testimonials and reviews for oriens, mumijo and PrimaVie® Shilajit.

Oh, and what happens when you mix shilajit and marijuana?

Please share them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

Lastly, I want you to know that I personally get almost all of my herbs from Lost Empire Herbs. Their sourcing is the best in the business and many of their herbs are grown in the USA. Click here to learn about their patented Full-Spectrum Extraction process and get 15% off your first order! Tip: Be sure to sign up for their newsletter at the top.

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70 thoughts on “Shilajit: Top 9 Health Benefits (Latest Research)”

  1. I’ve been using shilajit for about 3 months and have had tremendous results with it in joint pain depression, high in folic acid, I’ve noticed more hair growth where there had been none. blood disorders – sugars are down, much more energy, even with my broken foot.. It supposedly has 85 trace minerals in it, I’d like to see a list. Taste akin to espresso, bitter, but last batch had a sweet aftertaste that reminds me of raisins. Tasty. Many recommend mixing pea size ball in water and drink it. Better way is sublingually, put ball under tongue for faster absorption into bloodstream. I take twice a day, but I’m 6’5″, 237 pounds.. Himalayan is noted to be the best quality. It survives at altitudes above 16000 feet, so I prefer to get it at the source and wait 17 days, then to get it after sitting at sea level for months on end on grocers shelves while it slowly loses efficacy.

    • Thank for the personal story Kenneth. Just to reply to a couple of your comments the reason I didn’t mention the 85 trace minerals is the most that have ever been detected in a genuine study is 30-40, so wherever that citation originally came from it is more of a hype thing than legitimate science. I generally suggest that people should be very careful with where they get Shilajit from. It is keeps more or less forever being a mineral pitch but without proper labs and testing it is easy to end up consuming led and or mercury from bad resins. Scarily a good percentage of the resins on the market right now come from 2 suppliers that I know first hand do not do proper testing. Again I am glad to here all the awesome results from the resin, I would doubt you have a bad supplier just going of the benefits you have found.

      • Hello, comment says lows blood sugar already having reactive hypoglycemia which means low blood sugar
        so should I try it?

    • Great article, Nick, thanks.
      Ken, thanks for your thoughts and can you send a link to your supplier?
      It is always good to have back up suppliers, since a clean product is hard to find.

  2. I wouldn’t trust Purblack, as they offer a product with low fulvic acid, stating if it’s over 8 percent it’s fake or been tampered with. Not true and they offer no scientific evidence otherwise. Look at their Amazon page: full of fake ads and when called out on it they get nasty. Not a good sign. Can’t speak for the other brands, but Oriveda is probably good. I would suggest you do more research before taking it, as there is much fake Shilajit out there. If you are benefiting from Purblack, it’s probably placebo.

    • I absolutely trust Purblack, our of all your resin options on the market right now most of them are purified overseas where Purblack is purified here in USA based labs and pharmaceutical standards. I don’t know where you got the over 8% fulvic acid is fake statement but I would be inclined to agree with whoever said that. Genuine resins are better measured in quality by their content of Humic acids than fulvic acid as they are less often and less easily manipulated. The fulvic acid myth was perpetuated by distributors out of India who very commonly use fulvic acid fertilizers to affect the numbers in both powders and resins to increase or standardize “quality”.

      The easiest way to cover the issue of trust in my mind is Purblack is an American company where their competitors to my knowledge are all importers you can see that reflected both in their better pricing and quality.

      • the added “fulvic acid fertilizer” myth is one that does not need to be perpetuated any longer, and is merely catering to the agenda of companies selling high-priced resins being sold as “artisan” or pretending to be unique in some way.
        Just because a product is produced in india does not make it adulterated, and there are plenty of high-quality shilajit products on the market that are MUCH more potent that PurBlack. I’d also like to see a source that purblack does their purification in the united states. because i doubt that’s true . Sure, they use USA labs for analysis, but all purification probably takes place thousands of miles away in a factory in India.

        For instance, do a little research into Primavie, a company far more reputable than Purblack, and is producing very cost-efficient 60% fulvic acid shilajit extract. There are already several clinical trials out and underway with Primavie shilajit.

        • Primavie set up that “clinical trial” in 2013 then never conducted the study (or were unhappy with the results and never published them). Also, fulvic acid isn’t even an accurate marker compound it is used because it is very easily used to artificially inflate numbers with fulvic acid fertilizer like I said and stand by 100%. This is why the higher the fulvic acid in a Shilajit powder usually the browner it is.

          Natural shilajit is black and in resin form there is no benefit to turning it to a powder and somehow the price point at wholesale drops to less than 25% of the price even though it takes twice the work to produce (first creating a clean resin than turning it into a powder). The simplest way to test the quality of shilajit is to track actual active compounds like amino acids or ashless humic acids. Those actually correlate to a degree with quality and are far more difficult to fake.

          If you want to save money don’t buy Shilajit powder just get a different adaptogen like ashwagandha, it is a powerful adaptogen that grows like a weed (actually very commonly shilajit powders are 60% ashwagandha extract and 40% fulvic acid fertilizer).

  3. Hi Nick, can you give me some guidance regarding Shilajit ? I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and take conventional medication to combat the disease, which does have side effects, ie fatigue, uneven sleep patterns, lowering of libido and inflammation in the joints, also I now have high’ish blood pressure. My questions are, 1/ will Shilajit help my symptoms? and side effects? 2/ I live in the UK, so need to know a reliable safe source to purchase a quality Shilajit, . Thanks for your time

    • Hi Bob,

      I believe that shilajit will help you with the pain and inflammation related to your arthritis and is also helpful for your blood pressure and general health. It is not a medication but it will most likely bring a positive impact on your health and one of the greatest benefits of it is the lack of side effects.

    • Shilajit will not help you IMO. Rheumatic arthritis is in the core an auto-immune disease. I would recommend you to look into Reishi. A medicinal mushroom with a very good reputation re. arthritis.
      Make sure you get:
      – a powdered extract (in capsules for easy administration)
      – both beta-glucans and triterpenes (main bioactives) should be specified

      Most Reishi supplements on the market are useless, so do your due diligence.

      • This is interesting advice. I like mushroom science but I did hear about another good company that started up recently. Beyond just being specified on the jar you have to be sure they are specified within the supplement facts panel otherwise they can make any claim they want on the rest of the label.

    • Hey Bob.

      Before any herb you should hack your diet, get proper testing with a functional medicine doctor (if you don’t find one in your area, you have some that do Skype consultations and send you the tests to your home) With diet/lifestyle and the right targeted supplements you can get off the medications, get your life back and get healthy again. Look also into heavy metals. If you have silver/mercury fillings in your mouth or any other metal implant in your body, use a test from melisa.org to check your immune system reactivity to heavy metals. I’m talking from my experience. After all this changes, I am getting my life back from suffering of auto-immune disease, congenital heart disease. After all these changes I began using a lot of supplements and herbs to boost the immune system and that is when I found out about Shilajit and it seems like I am having 30/40% more energy, which is a lot after 1 day use lol… 🙂 Hope this advise helps.

  4. I am using Shaljit for my lower back pain, It is really good, give you extra energy and stamina. My lower back pain was 3 years old and always give me tension and stress. But now after one month of using Shaljit, i am feeling very good, I run 2-3 miles week days and 4-5 miles weekend and I dont feel tired and want to run more.

    I just want to ask Nick, How to use it? as i am mixing a small (piece of rice grain) amount of resin in a glass of warm water morning and night. People also suggest dissolve in milk. How do you take it and suggest.


  5. Nick, I had purchased some shilajit before I read your comment on that we needed to be careful of the mecury etc… how do I find out if the one I purchased was a good brand.. I got it off amazon and it’s called Natural Shilajit… but I struggle taking it as it taste like it looks just like tar… just praying it has the results as claimed. (3rd day drinking it) Thank you for any in site you can share..

    • You can ask for a COA from Natural Shilajit and then just verify that the lab it was done in is reputable. I know the brand they aren’t the best quality by any means but they are genuine.

  6. Hi Nick,
    thank you for the article, it helped me decide from whom to buy. So far I am pretty happy with PurBlack, the only thing I have had a little trouble with is the dosage, the resin is little un-manageable in terms of getting the right amount out, but I am learning.. Thank you for taking the time to educate us, this is definitely the company I will stick with. Thanks again..

  7. Hi Nick

    How long should you use shilajit before you see any results?

    If shilajit begins to melt/dissolve immediately upon contact with warm water, then is that a good indicator of a quality product?

    Should or can shilajit be taken at bedtime?

    I want shilajit to help me with energy study anxiety (a sense of fear of approaching my books) and with sleep so please advise how to use and for which it will help.

    Does it help with hairloss?


    • I do not believe it helps with hair loss (maybe check out he shou wu). You can take it in the morning and/or evening it won’t prevent you from sleeping. The best way to get quality product is to get it from a quality source unfortunately there isn’t an easy at home test but if your taking good resin you will see significant results after the first two weeks.

      • Thank you very much for replying. Can it be taken twice a day? Both for energy and sleep respectively?

        Ill look into He Shou Wu. Thank you.

  8. Hi. 2 questions: what method/how do you get a rice or pea size out of jar & are there any published studies on use of this with CoQ10? Thank you.

    • I used to just eyeball it with a butter knife now I have their little measuring tool which makes it a whole lot easier. On the CoQ10 I don’t have any studies I can cite for you but typically shilajit is a very good amplifier and harmonizer when taken with other supplements.

  9. I just bought the Purblack Shilajit product. But it smells and tastes so bad! Is this how it’s suppose to taste?!

    • It definitely doesn’t taste good. Most natural medicine that works is pretty rough on the pallet, just drink it down and chase it with a glass of water.

  10. Nick, could I just place the rice sized amount under my tongue, like a tincture? Or, just swallow it with my morning supplements? Thank you again!

  11. Yes, you can put it under your tongue as a sublingual. It helps all the nutrients go directly into the bloodstream.

  12. Hi Nick,

    We live in Portugal and it is very difficult to receive this kind of supplement from the USA or Canada.
    Can you suggest another way we could buy from you via the UK?

    • I have a friend that orders Purblack shilajit from in the EU so I would guess they have some sort of fulfilment set up in the EU.

    • I would be very grateful if you could ask your friend how they receive it. I have searched but haven’t found that option.

  13. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for the great article.
    I suffer from joint pain and inflammation brought on by an autoimmune disease.
    After reading the information provided here along with the comments I am planning on giving it a try.

    Can I put it in my hot coffee or will the heat in any way diminish the healthy qualities?

  14. I have a brother (47), that has type one blood disorders, will the pure shilajit put his body back in harmony? Thank you so much. Also, I ordered from mumioru, from Russia I think. Would you know if they are a legitimate company to buy pure shilajit from? I have several autoimmune dideases, Rhuematoid, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, DVT, Raynauds Syndrome, to name most of them, and am looking for pure shilajit to bring my body back in harmony. Thank you and anyone else, foer trying to guide me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.
    Debi Evans

  15. I recently purchased Sunfood Raw Shilajit Powder. Is this a clean, authentic, purity tested and properly extracted product?

  16. I appreciate this article about the benefits of shilajit. It is good to know that it serves as a mood stabilizer. I did not know that anxiety could be reduced with doses of shilajit. Something to consider would be to learn the other uses of shilajit to benefit from it in every possible way.

  17. Hi all!
    Just wanted to share my story too. I injured my right wrist doing some barbell exercise. The injury was bad and I thought a total layoff of 2/3 months was in store for me. Just stumbled upon Shilajit and started having it. Within a week’s time the pain has gone! It is almost like magic! I woke up one fine day and the pain was down by 85%. 3 days fastfarward I can start lifting again. I am so amazed I will continue having it along with Safed Musli, Shatavar, Ashwaghandha and a few more “T Bosters” Just wanted to share this as there are too many doubts about Shilajit. The shit works and it worked very fast in my case.

    • It depends on you and your diet. But usually halved if you’re eating right. And I noticed when I went full vegan my autoimmune symptoms are almost gone altogether!

  18. I have bought Shilajit Dabur (red and black capsule) from a health care provider which I trust. It comes from India and it says it contains 500 mg of raw shilajit. Now after reading all these claims of Shilajit online, containing heavy metals like mercury and lead and low quality shilajit, in your opinion can I trust this brand? I have had RA for over 40 years and I feel my provider would not have suggested this if he did not think it was going to be helpful. So I am confused as to what to do.

  19. I’ve read that shilajit while dissolving in alcohol will not dissolve in alcohol. But the pitch I’ve seen does dissolve in alcohol. Does this mean it is fake?

      • Hello Nick!!!

        Joshua speaks correctly. Shilajit readily dissolves in water (1/8), very little soluble in 95% alcohol (1/4500) and ether (1/7000), practically insoluble in chloroform. It is on these grounds that you can identify a fake.
        Of course, there are several other ways to determine the authenticity and quality of Shilajit.
        I have been studying and selling Shilajit for many years. If you are interested, I can send a sample of our Shilajit (10 grams) for free so that you can evaluate it. I can send a free sample to anyone who wants to. Just write me here.

  20. Hey Nick, I’ve been using Natural Shilajit for over 3 mos. now and feel incredible. Their Nutri honey sticks are mixed with raw brazilian honey and it tastes great in bottled water. My back pain is gone, my sleeping patterns are well adjusted, my sex life has never been better and my thinking is so much more clear. I bought their 150gr bulk jar 2 weeks ago and using it to drench my indoor houseplants. Those results are already visible. Can’t wait to use it in my garden come Spring. I’m sorry I won’t switch to Purblack because Natural Shilajit is legit. They pass all the safety tests big time. The proof is in the pudding. Thx Nick

    • If y’all grow plants you wanna go to OrganicAgSolutions.org. This dude knows what he’s talking about. That’s the main reason I buy from Natural Shilajit. I learned that it seriously helps your plants thrive big time, no matte r what sort of plants you grow. Wish I had a before and after pic of my pothos and dragon tree plants. The results are awesome!

  21. I like using this product makes me feel good.
    Only down fall for me is that is makes my menstraition cycle crazy, extremely heavy bleeding and more cramping.

  22. My concern about PurBlack is the thousands of false (Company written) reviews on Amazon.com. There are websites such as fakespot.com, where you put in the URL of the item on Amazon and uses computer algorithms to determine if the reviews are authentic.

    Why would a good product need thousands of fake reviews ?

    It gives you a sour feeling

  23. Hi Nick,
    I have read differing opinions regarding whether one should take PrimaVie® Shilajit fulvic acid if there is a presence of kidney stones. Some sites say it treats them while others suggest to stay away from it. What do you know about this? Thanks

  24. It sounds fine but I would really like to have seen a link of these so called experiments.
    Also maybe I just skimmed your article and missed this, but what I think you eluded to was that Pure
    Black was pure shilajit and was only processed with water. Is there a link that you may have
    backing that one up as well? Like the FDA reports, or whoever it is that test it. Is there any literature from the
    company explaining everything about their product from where the get it and how they process it and if they add
    anything to it. I’m just so confused. Every company has the story of why theirs is the best but nobody has any
    information about what they add to their product. They talk about all the the other products but I want
    to see the studies and the ingredients and how they process it. Are there different calibers of pure shilajit?
    Does every company need to publish the quality of the actual shilajit? Do they also by law have to let their consumers know exactly where it came from? Also where was it processed. If processed with only water, did the water have chlorine in it? I’m just curious as to how much information the buyer is required to to see? Or where they can find that information. I’m just curious because I want to see some some concrete information coming from the companies, or somehow available for to find.
    Thanks for the article.


    • A medicinal mushroom extract with a validated level of beta-glucan is a good choice to deal with this. It will normalise the immune function which apparently is out of balance.

      Good choices would be Maitake or Turkey Tail

  26. Excellent article on the benefits of Shilajit. I have been taking it for over 5 years. I love it. Check out my review of shilajit on my youtube channel.

  27. The AOAC (US standards organisation) has developed a standard for determining humic and fulvic acid. Wouldn’t it be great if all those Shilajit-vendors pounding their chests and proclaiming how much better their product is would actually use this standard and show us the objective proof their product is reliable and worth the money ?

    I’ve only gotten a test report from Oriveda so far. Was made aware of this on this website shilajit-mumio.com where over 30 resins are compared against each other. And no purBlack was one of the worst by all objective standards, Lost Empire Herbs and Oriveda were the best objectively speaking but Lost Empire was twice the price of Oriveda. Hope this helps somebody to make the right choices

  28. I have thyroid issue which has made me gain weight fast even though I’m exercising and dieting. The levothyroxine does not appear to be helping me. I’m tired all the time, freezing most of the time, can’t sleep well and losing my hair. Do you have any products which will help me?

    • Rinda, very sorry to hear about this. I highly recommend you call the guys at Lost Empire Herbs for help. They’re the best!

    • What I have found is that people on thyroid meds can’t take shilajit. But if you get off the thyroid meds and start to take shilajit with thyroid enhancers that are high in bioavailable iodine the thyroid could be cleansed of the other halogens that create hyper or hypothyroidism. I started giving this to my exgf and she’s been off her synthroid for a few months now. She has energy and can do every day things!

  29. I have found that shilajit is the only thing that I can take that can make my body work. I have severe autoimmune disorders and i don’t go to the hospital. I would rather die a slow death than be put on any thing that’s going to kill me slowly like chemo, prednisone and cyclosporine. I found that shilajit when taken with a certain diet gives me energy that I can’t explain. I take more than most people but it really helps me out a lot. For my mental fatigue as well as my physical fatigue. During all this shit I’m going through a break up with my fiance too. And I realize this isn’t like a normal break up. I’m in more control of my emotions. But the m.j lost I noticed from it. If you feed your body nutrients after you take it. Like teas, he shou wu, chyawanprash then you feel better than it you eat garbage. If you do a cleanse of your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system you will see better results. Mainly a mucus cleanse. Just like everything, you get out what you put into it. Shilajit makes mherbal tea fasting waaaaay more easy than just trying to stop eating.

  30. what is your opinion on Russian mumios? I see loads of them being sold for very cheap but of course no COAs. I tried one, it was thinner in consistency than purblack and tasted a bit harsher but still similar overall.

    Not sure whether I should even bother with this product or just toss it.

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