Scullcap for Insomnia and Menstrual Symptoms

Scutellaria lateriflora, commonly known as skullcap, is a perennial herb that has opposite, heart-shaped leaves with toothed or scalloped edges. It is a weak-stemmed plant that often falls to the ground. Its root is a crawling rhizome, which sprouts branched and hairy stems that grow up to 18 inches tall.

It has tube-shaped, hooded and two-lipped flowers that bloom from the leaf axils in blue and lavender shades from May to August. The plant is native to North America.

The chemical components of scullcap include scutellarin, glucoside, baicalin, baicalein, tannin, fat, oroxylin, wogonin, and flavones.

Alternative Names

Ban Zhi Lian, American Scullcap, blue skullcap, mad dog skullcap, madweed

Scullcap Benefits

Scullcap is beneficial because it works effectively as a/an:

  • Fibrefuge
  • Antihistamine
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antispasmodic
  • Nervine
  • Sedative
  • Analgesic
  • Antibacterial
  • Tonic

Scullcap is a great remedy for insomnia as it promotes deep sleep with no unwanted side effects, unlike other conventional treatments.

Scullcap has been used as a strong emmenagogue and remedy for various disorders affecting women. It promotes regular menstruation, alleviates menstrual symptoms like painful abdomen, headache and cramps. The herb helps induce the expulsion of the placenta from the body. It is also recommended for alleviating symptoms of PMS and menopause like extreme mood swings and depression.

Scullcap contains beneficial substances that help stimulate the nervous system and allow the body to cope with mental and physical strain. It is a time-tested remedy for any type of disturbance on the mental faculties, including panic, headaches, tension, depression and melancholy.

Scullcap is a strong herbal tonic that can nurture and rejuvenate the central nervous system. Its mineral contents can help the body cope with anxiety, stress, headaches, tension, muscle spasm and exhaustion. It helps pacify the nervous system, relaxes the muscles, and calms the mind. It is useful in healing disorders like spasms, frenzy, sexual over-excitement and mental impairments like schizophrenia.

The herb is a recognized treatment for serious irregularities like Parkinson’s disease, heart tremors, convulsions, wobbliness, epilepsy, and jerking muscles.

Infusing the herb is also beneficial when it comes to curing neuralgia and headache caused by non-stop cough and persistent body pain. You can also use it to treat withdrawal symptoms from addictions like smoking, tranquilizers, alcohol and barbiturates.

Its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial in treating arthritis. Scullcap can also reduce extremely high body temperatures, maintain liver health, and stimulate proper food absorption. Many also use this herb to treat throat infections.

Taking into account all the mentioned benefits, it is safe to say that Scullcap is a wonder herb with many valuable uses, especially in terms of improving one’s health.

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