Schizandra the Five Flavored Berry

Schizandra is a dynamic adaptogenic berry one of the powerhouses of supplements. Highly revered in traditional Chinese medicine where it is known as Wu Wei Zi the ,Five flavor berry’.

Benefits of Schizandra

SchizandraLiver Cleansing
Schizandra is traditionally employed in the treatment of many liver diseases. It protects the liver from harmful toxins like radiation and blood toxicity. This herb is used to treat hepatitis and performs liver cleansing action by protecting it from unwanted toxins.

Skin Health
One of Schizandra’s unique anti-aging and antioxidant properties is it also protects the skin from harmful free radicals. The result is after a month of use Schizandra gives your skin a boost in beauty, glow, moisture and wellness. Because it specifically targets the skin, it is applied traditionally in the treatment of many skin diseases.

Schizandra is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it enhances cellular functioning and slows down the aging process. In chinese medicine the root of all aging is inflammation.
It also deactivates damaging free radicals as these free radicals promote the aging process by damaging liver cells and other cells throughout the body. As a result, it energizes and extends life by restoring natural vitality.

Menopausal Symptoms
Schizandra is a traditional treatment of cardiovascular problems caused after menopause by increasing blood flow and improving the health of blood vessels. It supports the adrenal glands and prevents menopausal symptoms by balancing hormones in the body.

Increases Brain Activity
Schizandra has been proven in many clinical trials to increase brain function, improve memory and work efficiency. It gives your body boost of energy by stimulating the central nervous system. An excellent non-stimulant replacement for coffee and tea. Schizandra is used to treat brain diseases associated with memory.

Decreases Stress (Anti-anxiety)
Schizandra has a supporting effect on the adrenal glands. It helps combat adrenal stress as a potent stress relieving adaptogen. Schizandra also decreases blood pressure which helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression by giving you a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Sexual Health
It increases sexual health by promoting balanced hormonal functions.

Immune Booster
Schizandra fights infection by boosting the immune system, increasing white blood cells and platelet production. It also boosts the immune system by relieving stress. Stress has a negative impact on the nervous system and by extension weakens immune response.

Schizandra has relaxation based anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects that reduce stress at night. So it treats sleep disturbances by promoting mental clarity and ease.

Cardiovascular System
Schizandra is the best supplement for the people with cardiovascular issues as it naturally lowers cholesterol and maintains healthy blood sugar levels. As well as an effective treatment for asthma, increasing energy and easing coughing.

Increased Stamina
Clinical trials have shown that Schizandra increases physical and mental strength, endurance, power and performances of athletes by reducing fatigue.

Schizandra Powder

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