A Complete Guide To Pleurisy Root Benefits And Side Effects

In this article, we will cover the uses of Pleurisy root as well as the risks associated with using it as medicine. The plant does have potential side effects and real contraindications so if you or anyone you know is using Pleurisy root definitely take a minute to read this guide.

If you are suffering from a bad cough, Bronchitis or inflammation of the lungs and especially the uterus than Pleurisy root might be natures medicine for you.

Pleurisy is a plant with beautiful orange flowers (pictured above), the root of the pleurisy plant is what has benefits and uses not the flower or leaves.

Benefits of Pleurisy Root

Pleurisy rootPleurisy root benefits are not very broad spectrum. I would only suggest you use it in cases of inflammation that specifically effect the lungs or uterus like:

  • Bronchitis
  • Inflammation of the Lungs
  • Chest Coughs
  • Uterine Disorders (check contraindications)
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Influenza

Something that is very notable is that Pleurisy root contains an has an active compound that is near to identical to Digoxin, a prescription medication that is used to treat irregular heartbeat. This has had very little evidence, but worth mentioning as a potential benefit.

In general Pleurisy has very little research on it due to it’s side effects and very specific set of benefits.

Pleurisy Root Side Effects and Contraindications

Pleurisy is not a plant without side effects so before you take it takes not of how you are feeling and pay attention to these things. It can interact poorly with prescription medications that effect the heart and cause serious problems. Let’s say this very clearly:

If you are on any prescription medication for any heart condition, do not take Pleurisy root.

Other known side effects of Pleurisy root include nausea, vomiting and skin rashes. If you get any of these reactions to the herb than just stop taking it and try something else.

Another strong contraindication is Pregnancy: Do not take Pleurisy root if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Pleurisy root can stimulate the uterus and also can mimic the hormone estrogen. Both of these effects can endanger pregnancy so taking this herb while pregnant is a strict no.

Pleurisy Root Dosage

Pleurisy root is a herb with medicinal compounds that should be extracted from the body of the root. For this reason, it is best taken in extract form but can also be taken as a tea:

  • As an extract 20-40 drops in water three times a day
  • In tea steep 1/2-1 tsp in hot water for 5 minutes three times per day

If you are instructed by a herbalist or health care professional to take it in a different dosage definitely take their personalized recommendation over my generalized one.

Pleurisy In One Paragraph

If you are looking for an anti-inflammatory herb that stimulates the lungs and uterus Pleurisy is that herb. Just be sure you use it as medicine short term to avoid it’s side effects.

Alternative herbs with similar benefits

For lung conditions of all kinds, I absolutely love Schizandra. For uterine conditions this is really one of the best options, you could also try Gynostemma or Raspberry leaf.

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