Pine Pollen Nature’s #1 Testosterone Booster

Pollen from the pine family is released as a power that will cling to almost anything, even vertical surfaces and is a great natural source of testosterone. Pine pollen is the most potent source known to come from plants. Many living creatures and plants find  benefits from androgenic substances like pine pollen extract. It provides an incredible libido boost is well needed after a long winter’s hibernation.

The large cone that you see are the female cones which have a larger surface area in order to trap the pollen produced by the much smaller cone usually found at the tips of the branches. The pollen itself is very small (microscopic) with two small cupped wings with which it catches wind in order to fly to a neighboring tree or even a female cone from the same tree to pollenate.

Benefits of Pine Pollen for Woman

Pine Pollen PowderFrom a woman’s perspective pine oil can be a miracle all-natural substance that can cure or eliminate many of life’s ailments as we age. As you may already know after menopause your body does not absorb calcium like it should and thus it creates the perfect environment for bone loss. Androgenic substances, help stop or delay postmenopausal bone loss and pine pollen is a Nutritive, meaning it has no toxicity over long term use and you don’t have to worry about dangerous side-effects like you might find with prescription based drugs. Has the passion wilted away for you in the bedroom perhaps? Pine pollen extract is great for a healthy and high libido due to being an Aphrodisiac. You can also regulate bile secretion which helps to stimulate liver regeneration.

Boost your immune system and beautify your skin from the inside out, along with hair, bones and cognitive regeneration. Lowering cholesterol and boosting your cardiovascular system is reason enough to try pine pollen. When you are young it seems like the pounds just shed away. As you age your metabolism naturally slows to a halt and it seems like you cannot even lose a measly ounce of fat. Luckily pine pollen extract offers the perfect solution for post-menopausal woman to lose weight. This is due to the fact that pine pollen increases blood flow to various muscles of the bodies therefore increasing your metabolism and fat burning capabilities.

Pine Pollens Historic Roots

Widely used in Asia for thousands of years, pine pollen has traditionally been used as both medicine and as a cooking powder often added to many Asian style dishes. For the Chinese who practice herbalism this has been a staple of medical practice as far back as we can see. The many benefits of pine pollen are believed to have a great deal to do with the longevity of the Chinese people.

With the benefits of heart health and an increased metabolism a longer and healthier lifespan is easy to predict. The Koreans have used pine pollen as a baking powder for a great variety of baked goods. It’s hard to look at the results of these two societies and deny pine pollen benefits. Native Americans aren’t known for pollen extract however they used the inner bark of pines trees for a food source and as a medicine in the western world farther back than history was recorded.

Science Behind Pine Pollen Extract

Pine pollen powder has antioxidant properties that increase superoxide dismutase in your blood, this is a very important antioxidant for the breakdown and removal of environmental pollutants. Superoxide dismutase also removes pollutants made by the body during times of stress and can give a great reduction in age spots in the heart, liver, and brain.

Pine pollen tincture and powder has a potent androgenic effect on the body because it contains many different steroidal type substances like testosterone, DHEA, androsterone, and androstenedione. These steroidal compounds are nothing like the illegal substances that fill gyms and harm the human body. These are nontoxic and completely safe for long term use.

The SURTHRIVAL difference

Ask any experienced pharmacist and they will tell you that the largest issue concerning all organic and non-organic substances is the fact that your body cannot naturally digest them. The reason is because the materials are so hard and dense they actually pass through your bowels long before the liver can absorb them. Surthrival has revolutionized the manufacturing process by breaking down 99% of the cells in pine pollen thus making it easier to digest by 20%. Are you seeking to change your life profoundly? Are you wanting to undergo a transformation that only all-natural pine pollen can provide? Then choose the best in the industry with Surthrival and enjoy a new life!

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