Panax Ginseng: Treasure In The Forest

Panax ginseng is a type of medicinal herb that is much sought-after primarily for its roots. For centuries, ginseng has been used to remedy a wide variety of ailments. The peeled root can be ingested dried or fresh, taken as a fluid extract, or consumed in a tincture.

According to medical researchers, ginseng offers many benefits to the body. The ginseng root, for one, has anti-inflammatory properties that help regulate blood sugar levels, support the immune system, and fight cancer cells.

Benefits and Uses of Panax Gineng

Improves the Immune System

Many clinical studies, including the one conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, have concluded that ginseng improves cell functions linked to enhancing the immune system, enabling the body to fight or resist infections and diseases.

Taking ginseng is good for common colds and flu; this is based on two studies done by the same educational institution. Subjects who took supplements that contain panax ginseng for 4 months had fewer incidents of colds, and experienced cold symptoms in shorter duration than participants who were given placebo. By increasing the white blood cell count in the body, ginseng is able to stimulate the natural immune system.

Lowers Blood Sugar

People with Type 2 diabetes can benefit a lot from this herb because of its ability to lower blood sugar levels. Based on another UMMC study, diabetics who were made to take ginseng with, or prior to ingesting, a heavily sweetened drink, experienced a smaller increase in the level of their blood sugar.

Likewise, other studies have shown that the herb can improve carbohydrate tolerance among diabetics. In some cases, some of the blood sugar levels measured were 32 to 51% lower after taking 3g of ginseng with alcohol. A Wilkes University study, on the other hand, showed remarkable benefits for Type 2 diabetics who take ginseng alongside insulin.

Inhibits Growth of Cancerous Tumors

Ginseng has anti-cancer qualities that help prevent tumor development as shown in myriads on medical studies. One clinical study by the UMMC showed the herb’s excellent effects on cancer, specifically on colorectal cancer cells. The ginsenosides in ginseng can work against certain types of cancer, gastric cancer in particular, stopping the growth of tumor cells.

The ginsenoside Rg1 showed estrogen-like effects when exposed to breast cancer cells, the growth of which was stopped. Based on a MedicinePlus report, there are studies done in China that point out the potential benefits of ginseng for breast cancer patients.  However, more research is necessary to corroborate these findings.

Neurological Benefits

Panax ginseng provides a lot of neurological benefits. These include helping in the treatment of ADHD, cognitive disorders, and mental and emotional stress. According to a UMMC study, taking ginseng alongside ginkgo biloba is helpful in ADHD treatment. Likewise, Wilkes University notes that taking ginseng helps improve cognitive functions and memory in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Ginseng also helps in the modulation of the brain’s cerebroelectrical activity. As shown in tests done on animals, prolonged use of ginseng can help relieve fatigue and stress. Learning ability is improved as well.

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