Your Complete Guide to Natural Liver Cleanses

Why you should do liver cleansing?

Do you know that your liver is your first defense against the harmful effects of toxins? Thus, it pays to ensure that your liver is clean. The most important liver cleanse benefits are the following:

  • Improved digestion for better health

  • Weight loss and management

  • Clear and healthy skin

  • Clear and alert mind

  • Control and prevention of high blood sugar

  • Stronger immune system

Several other benefits of liver cleanse also await you, since cleansing your liver can:

  • Flush out toxins in the body more effectively

  • Clear your blood of bacteria and other pathogens

  • Improve your body’s absorption of nutrients including iron

  • Boost your metabolism for more body energy

  • Maintain the good balance of hormones in your body and optimize hormonal production including your sex hormones

How to do liver cleansing.

You have many ways to do liver cleansing, but it pays to choose and start with natural methods. One of the best natural methods is to use herbs for liver cleansing.

The most effective liver cleanse herbs are the following:

  • Dandelion is a weed with multiple health benefits including cleansing your liver. It contains flavonoids that have the ability to purify the blood that lessens the load the liver has to do.

You can create your own liver cleansing tea using these herbs, or you may also choose to take them as your dietary supplement.

How to Choose the Best Supplements?

If you want convenience without compromising quality, then it pays to know how to choose the best liver cleanse supplement. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Limit your choices to supplements that come from reputable manufacturers and sellers. They have a reputation to protect, so your chances of getting high quality and genuine supplements are greater if you purchase from them.

  • Check the ingredients and make sure they are natural and effective, such as the three herbs mentioned earlier. The product should have enough studies to back it up.

For instance, milk thistle has several research findings that prove its effectiveness in detoxifying and protecting the liver. However, you also have to consider the manufacturer as well as the legitimacy of the seller to be able to get the best from liver cleanse supplements.

Cleansing your Live through your Diet.

Here’s a simple water infusion recipe to cleanse your liver. This recipe is easy and quick to make:

Ingredients: about eight (8) pieces strawberries, one medium-sized lemon cut into slices, purified or filtered water.


  1. In a mason jar, mix your strawberries and lemon.

  2. Pour your purified or filtered water over the mixed ingredients.

  3. Place the jar in your refrigerator for about six (6) hours or overnight.

  4. Enjoy your refreshing drink that will also cleanse your liver.

Strawberries and lemons are rich in nutrients that can flush out toxins from your body systems including your liver. These fruits will make it easier for your liver to do its job. Why not benefit from this simple natural liver cleanse recipe?

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