Mullein: Sweeping Diseases Away

Widely distributed all over Europe, Asia and North America, Mullein has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries. This is a woolly-leafed biennial, which is used for treating various diseases. A large bunch of leaves initially grows at the base of the plant in which, a stem would then develop where yellowish flowers grow.

The leaves, flowers, and roots of the plant are all blessed with ingredients used to cure various conditions. Additionally, it has anti-bacterial properties which make the plant effective in treating infections.

Mullein is called by many different names; Aaron’s rod, Adam’s flannel, Jacob’s staff, or Peter’s staff. Indian tobacco, Blanket leaf, Lady’s Foxglove, Bullock’s Lungwort or Cow’s Lungwort are also used as a name for Mullein. It is also referred to as Feltwort, Foxglove or Hare’s Beard.


Because it can treat a wide range of diseases, Mullein has become one of the most sought after herbal remedies in the world. Its benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Treats respiratory congestions.
  • Treats asthma and spasmodic coughs.
  • Is used for sore throat.
  • Has antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • Treats herpes and influenza.
  • Is a germ destroyer.
  • Is used as hair dye.
  • Is a good astringent and topical soothing.
  • Softens and protects skin.
  • Is used to sooth earaches.
  • Removes mucus lining on the intestine.
  • Treats inflammation of nose and throat caused by over-production of mucus.
  • Is used to make brew and tea for abdominal pains.
  • Is used for frost bites and bruises.
  • Has demulcent and emollient properties.

Mullein’s healing properties are mainly for the treatment of respiratory ailments. It ejects mucus from the lungs and soothes the irritation. Mullein can also be used to treat sore throat and cough because of its cough suppressing properties.

Mullein is brewed into a tea for treating Catarrhs, or the inflammation of the nose and throat caused by over-production of mucus. The brew is also used for easing stomach cramps and aches.

It is also used for skin protection and also nourishes and softens it at the same time. The oil, which can be acquired from the flowers, can also be used to treat earaches and eczema.

Mullein may help in removing the unnecessary mucus lining on the intestine. This lining makes it difficult for the nutrients from the food we eat to be absorbed.

Mullein is useful in soothing pectoral complaints and bleeding of the lungs and bowels. It is an effective demulcent and emollient which strengthens the bowels, thus, very helpful in treating diarrhea.

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