The Health Benefits of Long Jack

Eurycoma longifolia or most commonly known as Long Jack (sometimes Longjack) is a small tree native to Malaysian and Southeast Asian jungles. In Southeast Asia, the tree is used for making medicinal tonics, an aphrodisiac, and as an effective treatment to malaria. As a dietary supplement, Tongkat Ali can either be consumed in either pill or powder form.

Long jack goes by other names; Malaysians other south east Asians know the plant as tongkat ali, Indonesians refer to it as pasak bumi, some westerners call it Malaysian ginseng.

Health Benefits

  • Helps with male infertility
  • Increases muscle mass and strength gain
  • Improves energy and vitality
  • Increases bone mass
  • Helps treat erectile dysfunction
  • Purportedly cures malaria
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Increases testosterone production in men

Some studies show that long jack, when taken orally as health supplements, can increase sperm production in men. This herbal medicine purportedly improves the quality of the sperm as well, meaning the chances of impregnation increases with the help of long jack supplements.

Long jack can also increase libido. Native Malaysians and Southeast Asian tribespeople believe that long jack (tongkat ali in their vernacular) is a potent aphrodisiac. If you feel like you and your partner’s sex life is starting to stagnate, taking long jack supplements can and will improve your sexual appetite, leading to sex that is more meaningful.

If you are training for an athletic event, or if you just want to get fit, taking long jack supplements will help improve your physical endurance so you can train harder, longer. Since long jack can also increase testosterone production, it also means you can develop more muscle mass than before.

Probably the most promising benefit that long jack supposedly provides is that it can fight cancer cells. In the early 2000s, researchers found that long jack extracts can fight breast and lung cancer cells, and keep them from proliferating. Although the studies were not that conclusive, further studies are providing promising results; and maybe one of these days they might just announce that long jack is the cure that they have been looking for this entire time.

Although people have been using long jack for many years (centuries even), but it is only now that its actual benefits are being discovered. Are you a man having problems with your sexual performance, or maybe you’re just looking to improve your overall physical performance? Whatever your reason may be, using long jack supplements will only bring positive results for you.

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