How to Get Rid of Anxiety Naturally

Have you ever asked yourself or someone how to get rid of anxiety? A person in a state of anxiety is troubled by an undefined and unclear threat which is made visible though nervousness and restlessness. This is contrasted to fear which is a response to a perceived or existing threat. Anxiety may be rooted in early childhood experiences, biological factors, genetics, health, socialization etc.

Anxiety takes on many forms and some can be tricky to get rid of: general anxiety disorder (GAD) is a form of anxiety when a person chronic worries about anything and everything with no sense of what is specific and manageable; panic disorder is a sudden attack of fear or terror that is accompanied by dizziness, nausea, and hyperventilation; phobia is an unexplained fear of an object or situation; social anxiety disorder is fear of the negative judgment of others, non-acceptance, and humiliation; obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is anxiety that displays itself in repetitive intrusive compulsive behavior; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) results out of intense negative and hurtful experiences like war, violence, and accidents; and Separation Anxiety disorder happens when one feels insecurity and loss or separated from a place or a person.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

SchizandraTreatment for anxiety can be self-initiated with the support of supplements or a person can go for counseling or take medication under the guidance of a professional or a medical practitioner.

Two supplements for effectively managing anxiety that are currently increasing in popularity in the market are Schizandra and Shilajit. Both are excellent antioxidants and adaptogens which diminish stress, depression, irritability and enhance the users’ capabilities to cope with anxiety which stress generates.

Schizandra, the most versatile of herbs used for centuries in Ancient China, counteracts depression and the ill-effects of a damaged central nervous system. It is a stimulant of no known toxicity or side effects unlike amphetamine-based or caffeine laden substances.

shilajitShilajit, on the other hand, derived from decomposed plants found in rocks and mountainous regions, is a systematic stress resistant phytochemical that soothes and calms. Research shows that shilajit as a neuro-protective agent effectively addresses nervous disorders; Both are available as teas and tonic in East Asian societies which ensure good health and physical well-being. Another unique quality of these natural products is their bioavailability which complements and enhances the positive effects of these herbs when combined with other natural products.

How Actionable Changes Can Get Rid Of Anxiety

In addition, the following guidelines might complement the use of supplements in the transformation of an anxious person’s attitudes and lifestyle and help get rid of anxiety and move towards a more relaxed and meaningful existence:

  • Learn to manage stress in your life. Keep an eye on pressures and deadlines, and commit to taking time away from study or work;
  • Learn a variety of relaxation techniques. Information about physical relaxation methods and meditation techniques can be found in book stores and health food shops;
  • Practice deep abdominal breathing: This consists of breathing in deeply and slowly through your nose, taking the air right down to your abdomen, and then breathing out slowly and gently through your mouth. Breathing deeply for too long may lead to dizziness from the extra oxygen;
  • Learn to replace “negative self talk” with “coping self talk.” Make a list of the negative thoughts you have, and write a list of positive, believable thoughts to replace them. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones;
  • Picture yourself successfully facing and conquering a specific fear;
  • Talk with a person who is supportive;
  • Meditate;
  • Exercise;
  • Take a long, warm bath;
  • Rest in a dark room.
  • Alternatively, persons suffering from anxiety might seek medical help and choose the option of taking medication for their anxiety.

Counseling or seeking the help of a professional might also be effective for anxiety cases because of the interactive character of this method. In using this option, an anxious person might receive guidance, and most importantly, affirmation for his/her positive initiatives to reduce and eventually eliminate feelings of anxiety.


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