Motherwort: Change your way of living

Motherwort is a prickly bush that originated from Central Asia and South-eastern Europe, but now can be found worldwide. Motherwort has been used for centuries to treat conditions related to child birth. Leonurus cardiaca or Motherwort is also called as Lion’s Ear …
Baikal Scullcap bed at Clearpath Herbal gardens - just sc

Scullcap for Insomnia and Menstrual Symptoms

Scutellaria lateriflora, commonly known as skullcap, is a perennial herb that has opposite, heart-shaped leaves with toothed or scalloped edges. It is a weak-stemmed plant that often falls to the ground. Its root is a crawling rhizome, which sprouts branched and hairy …

The Herbal Uses of Angelica

Adored for its scent and edible roots, Angelica is a biennial herb that thrives in the damp soils in the Northern parts of the world. The roots and the stems of the plant are the ones commonly used as alternative medicine. These …

The Benefits and Uses of Buchu

Buchus are plants that are native in South Africa. They have stems which can grow up to 100 cm long as well as ericoid leaves and five-petal flowers which are white, red, pink, or purple. The genus name of buchu is ‘Agothosma’ …

Pueraria – Nature’s Fountain of Youth

Pueraria mirifica, or more simply known as pueraria, is an Asian plant commonly found in Northeastern Thailand and Myanmar. It is locally called kwao krua. Pueraria is most commonly used for medicinal purposes, especially in supplementation. Studies show that it benefits men …

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