Tired all the time? You are not alone!

As a society we are well beyond the stages of asking ourselves the infamous question of ‘Why am I so tired? ‘ and as a matter of fact over 70 million Americans alone suffer from chronic sleep issues that are never really solved. Day in and day out we toil at work, take shots of energy supplements, and to complete our cycle of delicious irony we ingest a handful of sleeping pills hoping we will fall out for a couple of hours just to feel worse the next morning. This cycle itself will make you feel tired all the time and it’s a cycle that we must break if we are to ever feel good again. In order to fix our problems we have to first ask ourselves ‘Why am I so tired all the time’ and below we have listed the main reasons as to why so many people suffer from sleep deprivation.

Physical Ailments That Trigger Fatigue

The first segment we are going to cover focuses primarily on the different physical health conditions that leads you to feeling tired all the time. If you are already aware of why you are tired and restless then skip down to the end of this article and unlock the key ingredient to a good night’s sleep!

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a couple glasses of water a day will keep chronic sleep problems away. Truth is when you are dehydrated your body feels restless, tired, and discontent. A study by the Journal of Health in 2012 suspects that neurons inside your hypothalamus the neural region accountable for managing things such as hydration and body temperature send mood-altering messages to all parts of your brain. This mind altering condition results in heavy mood swings for women and chronic stress disorders in men thus creating a conflict when you are trying to catch some sleep at night.

B12 Vitamin Deficiency
Your system needs vitamin B12 to generate red blood cells and keep neurons working properly. Deficiency reduces the volume of oxygen your blood vessels can transport through your body, giving you that ‘too tired to sleep’ sensation. While you age, you generate less of a necessary protein named intrinsic factor, which is responsible for helping you process B12.

Since animal foods naturally consist of B12, vegetarians and vegans encounter a heightened likelihood of running low, same as individuals who have received abdomen or intestinal tract surgical procedures (these treatments frequently affect the tissues exactly where B12 ingestion occurs). Even low or borderline levels-not necessarily full-blown deficiency can wear you down and cause extreme tiredness.

Caffeine Overload
Are you an early bird? If that’s the case, based on research released a few months ago, the quantity of caffeine you ingested throughout the day could possibly be directly related to tiredness. Why? Because normally it takes hours for caffeine to clear one’s body and it also hinders adenosine, the very substance that informs your system that you’re tired. To grant yourself the ideal opportunity for capturing high quality sleep, steer clear of coffee, tea, soda pop, as well as other caffeinated products before lunch.

The above mentioned are just a small handful of reasons you are tired all the time, but one thing they all have in common is they all contribute to the factor of your body being depleted of beneficial nutrients or vitamins that allow you to have a better night’s sleep and carry on throughout your day like a champion. If you are like the other 70 million people who are completely fed up with feeling tired all the time, if you want to be at full strength for once, have a mind ready to zip through task, and not fall asleep throughout your day, then listen up! There is an all-natural solution that hails from the mountains of China that can literally cure you of your sleepy woes and rejuvenate your body back to its former glory. What is this savior called?

Lucidera: Made from the all-natural super berry Schizandra

If you have been asking yourself ‘Why am I always tired’ then your solution is finally here! You might not even be familiar with this all-organic super berry dubbed ‘the five flavored berry’ because it has been a deep secret of the rural inhabitants of Asia for centuries. This super berry stands out from the rest and is nothing like the traditional super berries you might have encountered like Acai or raspberries. Let’s take a look at the various benefits of this super berry and how it can help change your life drastically.

  • Schizandra enhances your energy level by revitalizing the neurological system devoid of causing you to be anxious like caffeinated drinks would. Schizandra is an adaptogen, which means it can calm the central nervous system, therefore alleviate stress at the same time. .Many well-known people take this all-natural herb to boost vitality. It’s particularly well-liked by sports athletes since it increases nitric oxide levels within the body. It combats fatigue as well, which makes it a lot more valuable. The bottom line is Schizandra increases energy at the cellular level, thus leaving you revitalized and not feeling tired all the time.
  • Stop feeling disoriented due to always feeling tired. The Health Sciences Institute states that Schizandra super berry can enhance the body’s enzyme, glutathione. This enzyme removes toxins from the entire body in a manner that enhances mental clarity. It’s extensively used by college students in the Far East for that reason.
  • Your liver works hard on the daily basis to rid the body of harmful chemicals. One of the best benefits of this super berry is its ability to clean the liver. This is made possible due to a substance called lignin that it contains in abundance.It helps preserve the livers proper functioning and regeneration, and is also employed to protect against liver deterioration. Schizandra makes use of its fat soluble substances located in the core of its seed to safeguard the liver from harmful toxins. Schizandra is frequently utilized in the management of hepatitis C. Apart from its liver defending qualities, it’s also good for the kidneys as it can help balance the liquid within your body. When your liver can easily process toxins you will instantly feel the tiredness go away.
  • This remarkable supplement also includes antioxidants, such as gomisin A and Wuweizisu C, to shield your cells from free radicals and protect against oxidation. For this reason it’s frequently found in beauty products related to Traditional Chinese medicine.As a result Schizandra is extremely well-liked by woman for its capacity to make the skin soft, smooth, and lovely. It’s been consumed for centuries in China for this specific purpose. It’s shown to work by transitioning fluids in the skin evenly.
  • Depression and other psychological factors contribute to feeling tired all day. This herb is used often by individuals who are afflicted by psychological ailments which include anxiousness, depression symptoms, and swift changes in moods. Although it’s still scientifically unknown as to how it works for these symptoms, Schizandra has been used for these particular conditions for decades and research has proven it to be effective.

If you have read enough and know you want to change your life drastically by feeling yourself again, not experience that morning wake up when you feel like you were hit by a car, and want to improve your health all at once. Then take action today and click below for your very own Schizandra extract called Lucidera. Your access to the North Eastern mountains of China and snow covered tops of Siberia where we carefully pick only the best Schizandra super berries is only a click away below.


Just take a look at what others are saying about Lucidera
From men to women everyone who has tried this exotic super berry have felt the amazing effects it has had on their lives. We take great pride in the testimonials we receive from lives all over the world that have changed drastically thanks to this effective super berry called Schizandra. Below are just a few, out of millions, who don’t feel that chronic tiredness anymore!

A message from Jane: Working Class Mother
‘I always felt great in life, of course that was before having two kids, a mortgage, and plenty of paper work piled up on my desk. Working in a bank does not afford you the luxury of feeling tired all the time. Truth is one simple mistake can literally ruin your future in the banking business and your clients are constantly expecting perfection like they should. Every day I would come home tired and worn out. My kids and husband could barely put up with my mood swings and depression as a result of my chronic tiredness. One thing that was the most disheartening is the fact I tried everything to feel better.

For years I would wake up in the morning, wash my face, and barely walk down the stairs heading straight for the coffee maker. I literally felt like a caffeine addict which, as you well know, is not good for your health at all. After the hustle and bustle of painstakingly filling out countless mortgage contract papers and setting up bank accounts I would come home tired and ready to crash. Problem with this was I had to still cook dinner, take a bath, and even help the kids with their homework.

When everything was finally finished I felt like a queen just to be able to slip into bed, but something terrible happened, I could not sleep! Why was this happening to me? With a little research online I came to a couple of conclusions about myself and why I was even too tired to sleep. First I drank a lot of high caffeinated substances past lunch which resulted in my mind working long past my body’s ability to keep up, next I was loaded with harmful toxins in my body as a result of a poor diet due to my lack of time to cook, and finally my stress level were through the roof thanks to all my other symptoms.

I literally tried everything in my lifetime. From buying sleeping pills, drinking warm glasses of milk, and even trying to go back to the basics of counting sheep or playing gentle music as I try to nod off. Absolutely none of that work due to my stress levels and the depression based on the daily struggle. Luckily all of this changed for me with one all-organic substance that I will never forget, Lucidera. At first I was skeptical until I actually tried the product. After about my third day of taking Lucidera I felt that too tired to sleep feeling fade away. My mind was clear, body felt like I was twenty again, and my mood swings subsided. All of this was made possible thanks to Lucidera and I would highly recommend it to any mother who works. ‘

A message from Arthur: A working class hero

‘I worked very hard all of my life fixing airplanes at the airport. First I started out only fueling them up and making sure they were ready for the next flight. After a lot of hard work and a little time I was able to move up and finally live out my dream as an aircraft mechanic. Life was good and I never really felt bad when I was younger. I can still remember going to sleep late and still waking up in the morning feeling like a new man ready to take on the world. Well as many things in this world time changes everything and as I aged I grew more and more tired.

It seemed as if the simplest things in life would wear me out. It was a bit disheartening since I was hoping that my retirement would have been a fulfilling one where I could enjoy many of the hobbies I did not have time for back when I was working all of the time at the airport. Life was comfortable, but I was sick of being tired all the time. Finally I knew when I was sleeping all day I had to make a lasting change in my life and visited the doctor. He subscribed me sleeping pills, however I had a bad reaction to them and could not take them. According to my doctor sleeping regular is difficult once you are 60+ in years like I am.

My life changed the day my Granddaughter looked up all-organic supplements for chronic tiredness online. Finally, she stumbled across this product called Lucidera. I really did need a natural supplement to help me with my sleeping issues considering I was already taking heart medication. One of my favorite parts about ingesting the super berry called Schizandra is the fact it dilates your blood vessel’s meaning it’s actually good for an ailing heart. After a couple of days practicing a regiment of taking Lucidera I noticed that my ‘tired all the time’ feeling started to simply drift away.

For once in my retired life I was fully capable of enjoying the free time I earned so passionately in my youth. The best part about finding Lucidera for me is that it not only improved my quality of life, it actually assisted in my wife and grandkids enjoying my company even more so. Having the time and energy to enjoy all of the events in life I missed out on from chronic tiredness is an absolute blessing in my life and I would recommend this product to anyone who has had their fair share of birthdays like me.’

You are not alone from feeling tired!

The first thing to know is that you are not alone. A great number of famous people admit to having sleeping disorders and experiencing excessive sleepiness. Everyone from Larry the cable guy to George Clooney have admitted to having trouble going to sleep. George Clooney has said that he needs the TV on in order to get a night’s sleep and even at that he will wake up at least five times in the night. Jimmy Kimmel has such great trouble sleeping that he can’t function well during the evening hours. He has been heard talking about his trouble and describing it as if someone was sitting on his brain. His lack of sleep at night leaves him weak and prone to fall asleep even while driving.

‘I just can’t stop thinking’ are the words from George Clooney. I have to have that distraction. Many more including Madonna, Shaquille O’Neal, Regis Philbin, Roseanne Barr, and Daniel Lawrence Whitney have tried anything they could just to get a night’s sleep and not suffer from tired eyes the next morning. Certainly this is a very wide range of people and it would be hard to find commonality in such a diverse group. Nevertheless it is there. Many different kinds of sleeping disorders are diagnosed, each person seeming to have their own brand. However all of these disorders fall under the category of an illness that doctors really have no magic pill for. Until now nothing actually fixed all of these people from chronic tiredness.

Freedom from sleeping pills is one of the best reasons to use Lucidera. Sleeping pills have led many famous stars down the path of drug addiction. The more you take the pills the more you need them. This cycle is the very thing we hope to break. In order to break this cycle we need your help. The first step is to admit you need help and understand that an all-natural super berry is 100% better than a chemical pill that you could get addicted to.

The sleeping pills that these people tried and that your doctor will give you need to be taken right before bed as they are not a cure to feeling tired all the time, but just chemicals that enter your blood stream. Why take these drugs when you can set your body on a natural course of sleep? Sarah Harding once spoke about her sleeping pill addiction and the effect it had on her family and career. Anything that puts you in a drug rehabilitation center is doing you more harm than good. Don’t put yourself in that same spot. Make a change for the better with Lucidera.
Are you ready to change your life?

What you just witnessed above were people just like you who at one time were extremely tired all the time and could not enjoy the simple pleasures out of life, but instead of suffering on with chronic tiredness they unlocked the exotic benefits of Schizandra and changed their lives for good! Don’t be one of the 70 million people dragging through life feeling tired with lackluster performance when you could simply harness the benefits of Schizandra via an easy to take supplement called Lucidera. Just look at how your life will change.

  • Never suffer from erectile dysfunction again thanks to Lucidera dilating properties which increases blood flow to your extremities!
  • Enrich your body in powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals. Eliminating free radicals protects your skin on the cellular level!
  • Improve mental clarity at home and in the work place thanks to Lucidera’s ability to increase glutathione!
  • Stop feeling tired all the time and drinking loads of caffeinated stimulants just to increase your crash later. Instead let Schizandra work at stimulating your central nervous system!

All of this is made possible by Mother Natures all in one cure called Lucidera. We only select the finest caliber of super berries in the mountains of China and organically extract their finer quality into a product that last a long time and can be delivered right into your home. Go ahead and ask yourself these important questions in life.

  • Do you want to finally wake up in the mornings and feel great?
  • Are you tired of feeling depressed and experiencing mood swings due to being tired?
  • Ready to beat back the aging process and rid your body of harmful toxins?

If you said yes to those questions then order Lucidera today and unlock the miracles of Mother Nature, unveil the mystery that was only known by the inhabitants of China’s northern mountains, and beat feeling tired the natural way!

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