Salvia – the Versatile Medicinal Mint

Salvia officinalis aurea, a member of the mint family, is more commonly known as sage or common sage. The term ‘Salvia’ was coined from the Latin word ‘Salvere’ which means ‘to cure’. Dried sage leaves, and the oils extracted from them, are …
flower Oregon grape

Herbal Analysis: Oregon Grape Root

Native to North America, the Oregon Grape Root is widely distributed in the Pacific Northwest and is used for its medicinal properties. This flowering perennial is closely related to the medical characteristics of goldenseal. But due to the near-extinction status of goldenseals, …

The bitter taste and the sweet benefits of Momordica

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, Momordica chanrantia or known as bitter melon is a vine which is widely distributed and grown in Carribean, Africa and Asia. This tropical/subtropical vine is commonly used medicinally wherein Momordica’s different parts are processed into brews and …

Hyssop the Secret to Overall Health

Hyssop is a perennial, herbaceous plant native to the East Mediterranean region and Central Asia. It is an aromatic herb of the mint family, Lamiaceae and can grow to about 1.5 feet tall. It has a quadrangular stem that is woody at …

General benefits of Senna Leaf

Senna Leaf, also known as Follium Sennae, refers to the dried leaves from either Cassia acutifolia Delile or Cassia angustifolia Vahl. Leaves from Cassia acutifolia Delile are obovate or lanceolate, a bit curly and unequally oblique at the base, greyish-green, have distinctive …

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