Corydalis: For People Who Can’t Sleep at Night

About the herb: Corydalis is a flowering herb that is found in Northern China, Japan and Siberia. It is a member of the Papaverceae Corydalis (poppy) family and has sedative, analgesic, diuretic and antispasmodic properties. The parts of the plant that are used to make medicine are the root and the tuber. It is usually taken as a capsule derived from the dry rhizome of this herb, although it can also be drank as a tea but is bitter-tasting. In traditional Chinese medicine, this herb is used to move the qi (the body’s energy), alleviate pain and reinvigorate tired blood.

Alternative name: Corydalis spp (Latin name), Yan Hu So, Corydalis spp (Botanical name)

The benefits of this herb include:

  • Treating insomnia. It contains substances that promote relaxation and pain relief. People who took an extract of this herb were shown to have been able to fall asleep more easily.
  • Pain relief. THP (tetrahydropalmatine), an alkaloid that is found in this herb, has been shown in preliminary studies to possibly be effective in relieving nerve pain.
  • Alleviating arrhythmia. Dl-THP, an active ingredient in this herb, may have an anti-arrhythmic effect which helps to improve cardiovascular health.
  • Relieving dysmenorrheal. In some studies, women who suffered from painful menstruation were seen to respond favorably to THP, enjoying its pain-relieving effects.
  • Managing peptic ulcer. It extracts may be effective in helping relieve stomach ulcers.

Primary benefits: This herb is used to treat cases of mild mental disorders such as emotional disturbance and depression as well as limb tremors and nerve damage. The herb is also used as a tranquilizer and mild sedative. But its main benefit is seen in pain relief as this herb is a natural pain reliever that may be useful in offering relief to chronic conditions such as back pain and arthritis. The recommended dosage for Corydalis is around five to ten grams a day when taken in capsule form or ten ml to twenty ml a day when taken as an extract.

Conclusion: Taking this herb may be useful in providing relief from various mild conditions related to the nervous system such as insomnia as well as helping to relieve pain. However, it should only be taken as instructed since taking too much may cause tremors and muscle spasms. You should always consult with a doctor or other health professional as well as a knowledgeable herbalist before starting with Corydalis in order to avoid negative interactions and other side effects.

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