Chasteberry and It’s Wonders to Female Hormone Balance

Plants have been used by our ancestors to treat different illnesses and health conditions. At present, many plant species are still used for medical purposes. One of those is chasteberry. Sometimes referred to as ‘women’s herb,’ this plant is found originally in the Mediterranean area and Central Asia.

Chasteberry PlantVitex agnus-castus commonly known as chasteberry, vitex, chaste tree berry, and monk’s pepper has been found to be beneficial to treating hormone imbalance in women. For centuries, the fruit of the small shrub-like chaste tree has been used as a treatment for various hormone-related problems. At present, the extracts of chasteberries are made into tablet, capsule, and powder forms.

If you have been suffering from different symptoms related to menopause, menstrual problems, infertility, and other gynecological disorders, chasteberries may be the natural cure you have been searching for. Below are the different positive effects and wonders chasteberries bring to women’s health:

Menstruation and menstrual cycle

Chasteberry is believed to be a natural progesterone source apart from the progesterone produced naturally by the body. It also helps maintain a healthy ratio between the two major female hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Because of these properties, chasteberry can provide relief to the different unpleasant symptoms a woman experiences during menstruation. These premenstrual symptoms include acne, bloating, cramps, tenderness of breast, and mood swings. Chasteberry can also be a key to achieve regular menstrual cycle.

Menopause and its symptoms

For most women, menopause is a stage in their lives associated with different unpleasant and unwanted symptoms, including hot flashes and decreased libido. The extracts from the flowers and fruits of the chasteberry plant has been found to be a potent cure.

Chasteberry has hormone-balancing properties that makes menopausal symptoms much bearable. Along with other herbs such as dong quai and black cohosh, it can be used to provide relief for hot flashes. Likewise, its flowers are thought to increase libido, which usually drops during menopause.

Infertility and early pregnancy loss

During conception and pregnancy, a healthy dose of the hormone progesterone is important as it helps in the preparation of the woman’s body for these significant life stages. Progesterone also aids in promoting sufficient growth of milk-producing glands in a woman’s breasts during pregnancy.

Progesterone plays a key role in thickening the uterine lining and aids in the luteal phase defects. An incomplete luteal phase may lead to miscarriage. Chasteberry can be a natural cure for your infertility problems by maintaining a healthy supply of progesterone.

Safety concerns and cautions

Chasteberry is found to be safe for a majority of people, with only a few side effects. Side effects may include nausea, itching, sleeping troubles, acne, weight gain, and an upset stomach.

Taking in chasteberry for medication should be avoided by pregnant, lactating, or breastfeeding women; those with hormone-sensitive conditions; and those who are planning to undergo in vitro fertilization.

Ask for your doctor’s advice on how to reap the positive benefits of chasteberry to your health and your hormones!

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