How Do You Boost Your Immune System Naturally

I will keep this article short and to the point. One of the questions I get asked the most frequently is; How do you boost your immune system naturally?

The answer is complicated, but I will break it down into five actionable lifestyle changes that you can make that will supercharge your immune system and unlock your bodies full healing potential.

  1. Exercise
  2. Food
  3. Breathing
  4. Affirmations
  5. Supplements

How does exercise naturally boost your immune system?

Exercise is your bodies friend if you think of yourself as a man or woman in the wild. How many miles a day would you walk to forage meals, drink water and find safe shelter? It’s in human nature to walk and run, and your bodies lymphatic system has is unable to move without physical stimulation.

The lymphatic system contains roughly 3 liters of blood plasma as a clear liquid with lymphocytes and white blood cells. Without getting too technical, lymph is an essential part of your immune system. Your body can push harmful cells or free radicals into the lymph system where white the increased level of white blood cells can latch onto them and remove them from your system.

Pretty badass so exercise is going to be your friend in boosting your immune system. Five minutes of intense heart pumping exercise. 10 minutes of sauna with 2 minutes ice-cold shower or just 30 minutes walking will give your lymphatic system the stimulation it needs to recycle and boost your immune system naturally.

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’
• Hippocrates

VegetablesFood is medicine these are a couple foods you can eat and avoid that will boost your immune system.

Berries, berries, berries!
Berries are anti-oxidant rich every single variety, so you don’t need to fall for the “eat blueberries for anti-oxidants” they all are chock full of them. But if you do one berry that is the most over the top full of natural anti-oxidants supplement with schizandra. I will tell you more about this when we get to supplements.

Fruits are another excellent food for your immune system. They put little to no stress on your system to digest while providing vitamins and anti-oxidants your body can use for energy and healing.

Color me healthy!

You would think I’m a raw foodist with the things I am recommending you, but this is the truth. If you have a “weak immune system” the first thing I would look at is the color of your food. You can do this yourself: imagine your last five meals, if they are majority white or brown in pallet that’s your problem.

Heal with every breath!

breatheThe most powerful organ in your immune system is your lungs. With every breath, you can breath in fresh healing oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Oxygen in your lung’s translates to oxygen in your blood. Oxygen in your blood translates to alkaline love. Alkaline blood translates to a healthy body that can manifest your perfect life.

Don’t doubt your body!

If there is one thing, I can impart on you. Do not doubt your body! Call me hoki but how can your immune system manifests operate in strength if you call it weak. Stating “My immune system is weak.” accomplishes nothing positive but has the potential to prevent it from becoming strong. So say it “I have a strong, healthy immune system! No sickness can find hold in my body!”

How do you boost your immune systemic naturally with herbs?

Herbs are a powerful healer. There are many that can strengthen your immune system. The family known as adaptogen or tonic herbs are the ones you will want to be looking at, find one maybe two high-quality adaptogen and stick with them. I have numerous articles about adaptogenic herbs on this website but here are my favorites!

I love you unconditionally and wish you health, happiness and a powerful immune system.


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