Saw Palmetto – Made for Men

Saw Palmetto is a plant whose ripe fruits or berries are used to make medicine. It is a palm scientifically known as Serenoa repens. It is also known as American Dwarf Palm Tree, Cabbage Palm, Sabal, and Saw Palmetto Berry. Saw palmetto …

The Many Benefits of Psyllium Seed

Psyllium Seed is the seed of the herb Plantago that grows mainly in India, Pakistan, and Iran. It is widely used throughout the world for the production of mucilage, a sticky substance secreted by plants. It has been widely used for its …

Motherwort: Change your way of living

Motherwort is a prickly bush that originated from Central Asia and South-eastern Europe, but now can be found worldwide. Motherwort has been used for centuries to treat conditions related to child birth. Leonurus cardiaca or Motherwort is also called as Lion’s Ear …

Hyssop the Secret to Overall Health

Hyssop is a perennial, herbaceous plant native to the East Mediterranean region and Central Asia. It is an aromatic herb of the mint family, Lamiaceae and can grow to about 1.5 feet tall. It has a quadrangular stem that is woody at …

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