The Many Benefits of Psyllium Seed

Psyllium Seed is the seed of the herb Plantago that grows mainly in India, Pakistan, and Iran. It is widely used throughout the world for the production of mucilage, a sticky substance secreted by plants. It has been widely used for its …
Moringa leaves with paste

Moringa: The power of the Miracle Tree

A high valued plant distributed in countries all over the world, Moringa or better known as the miracle tree, has notable medicinal uses. Moringa’s extraordinary properties make it exceptional among other plants. Moringa is also called Miracle Tree, Drumstick tree, horseradish tree, …

The Benefits and Uses of Buchu

Buchus are plants that are native in South Africa. They have stems which can grow up to 100 cm long as well as ericoid leaves and five-petal flowers which are white, red, pink, or purple. The genus name of buchu is ‘Agothosma’ …

Wu Wei Zi: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Wu Wei Zi is a traditional Chinese fruit that roughly translates to ‘Five Taste Fruit’ because biting into it gives you five different flavors. It also goes by several other names such as Magnolia Vine, Schizandra and Youth Berry. Considered one of …
Ho Shou Wu

Ho Shou Wu: Benefits and Uses

Ho Shou Wu (He Shou Wu) is a medicinal plant that is so-named for its unique and most famous use: to prevent and treat premature hair loss and graying hair. Translated literally, it means Mr. Ho’s black hair. The history of its …
Benefits of He Shou Wu

8 He Shou Wu Benefits

In this article, we are going to share some fo the best anti-aging benefits of He Shou Wu that will keep you young, healthy and vibrant, while preventing the not so friendly side effects that naturally come with the passing of time. …

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