Rehmannia – Nature’s All-Around Tonic

Rehmannia glutinosa, particularly its root, is traditionally used in Japanese and Chinese medicine. It is feels cold to the tongue, and can be sweet or bitter. It is primarily found in Northeastern China and has been used for over 2,000 years. It …
flower Oregon grape

Herbal Analysis: Oregon Grape Root

Native to North America, the Oregon Grape Root is widely distributed in the Pacific Northwest and is used for its medicinal properties. This flowering perennial is closely related to the medical characteristics of goldenseal. But due to the near-extinction status of goldenseals, …

Benefits and Uses of Grape Seed Extract

For centuries, grapes, or vitis vinifera, have been hailed for their medicinal value. The Egyptians of 6,000 years ago included grapes as part of their diet. Ancient Greek philosophers even praised the fruit for its healing power. In Europe, grapes have been …
Nettle Root

Nettle Root Benefits and Uses

Nettle root is a herbal supplement taken from the roots of the nettle plant, stinging plant that is also known as Urtica Doica. The root of the stinging plant has long been used for medicinal purposes. Historically, it was used to eliminate …

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