Benefits and Uses of Glossy Privet

One of oldest Chinese herbal medicines, glossy privet has been used for over 2,000 years as an ancient remedy for weakness in the kidneys and liver. Native to China and Eastern Europe, the herb can now be found in almost any part of the world. In the United States, it has been used as an ornamental plant since 1852.

Alternative Names

The privet fruit is a member of the Oleaceae and medicinally referred to as ligustrum lucidum ait. It is also known for other alternative names such as Chinese Linguster, Chinese Wax-leaf Privet, Nu ZhenTrueno and Yojungja.

An evergreen large shrub, the ligustrum tree can grow up to ten meters and blooms from June to July. Its blue-black fruit is usually harvested during the winter and can be made into a tonic.

Who Can Benefit from It

According to the Pharmaceutical Institute of the Academy of Medical Science of China, the fruit contains nuzhenide, olenropein, oleanolic acid, manitol, betulin, lupeol and salidroside. Other chemical ingredients include oleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid and other fatty acids.

Due to its cooling effect, glossy privet is used to relieve heat associated with emotional tension and even infection. People who benefit from its sweet and bitter taste are those with blurred vision, those who suffer from dizziness and those who are emotionally stressed.


Glossy privet is also known for the following benefits:

  • curing constipation, common cold, and congestion
  • relieving achy joints due to rheumatism
  • reducing trouble sleeping
  • stopping palpitations
  • lessening facial dark spots
  • promoting hair growth
  • preserving youthfulness and extending lifespan

Modern researches have found that this superfood can also be used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Specifically, the plant has the capacity to increase white blood cells to prevent bone marrow loss due to the radioactive therapies. It can also be used to induce sweating, which can improve the patient’s immune functions.

Glossy privet also has cardiotonic and diuretic effects. Its substance has an invigorating effect on the heart that increases the efficiency of contractions of the heart muscle. It can also promote the excretion of salt and water from the kidneys thereby increasing the volume of urine.

Extracts of the plant also shows potential in preventing tumor growths and treatment of AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, respiratory tract infections, and hepatitis.

From relieving menopausal problems, rheumatic pains, backaches, and to its more modern benefits, one cannot deny that glossy privet is one useful herb.

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