Astringing the essence with dogwood fruit

A small tree native to Korea and other parts of Asia, the dogwood is popular as an ornamental to most. To herbalists, however, it is distinguished for its bright and edible dogwood fruit. Historically, it was a commonly used herb in the East as a mild but invigorating tonic. In traditional Chinese medicine, dogwood fruit is associated with improving kidney and liver health. As a tonic, the fruit energizes the body and acts as a stabilizer for body fluids.

Dogwood fruit, or Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, is from the Japanese dogwood scientifically named Cornuskousa. Other names for the tree include Japanese cornelian cherry, Chinese dogwood, strawberry tree, and kousa dogwood. It is called shanzhuyu in pinyin.

Dogwood fruit is ideal for people with liver and kidney deficiencies. People who experience leakage of fluids and excessive sweating may also take dogwood fruit.

In general, dogwood fruit astringes the essence. It means that it binds the body and addresses disorders concerning body fluids in particular. However, it is also helpful to other disorders of the body. Below are all its beneficial effects:

  • Stabilizes kidneys

  • Tonifies liver

  • Astringes essence

  • Relieves frequent urination and incontinence

  • Treats excessive sweating

  • Stops bleeding

  • Maintains urogenital health

  • Controls diabetes mellitus

  • Acts as anti-inflammatory agent

  • Serves as analgesic

Traditional Chinese medicine uses dogwood fruit to stabilize and tonify the kidney and liver. The fruit treats symptoms of weak kidney such as dizziness, body pain, and impotence. It nourishes the kidney of its deficiencies and restores the organ to revitalize its essence. As such, the fruit maintains general urogenital health.

Another significant benefit of the dogwood fruit is its ability to bind the essence. Chinese traditional medicine believes that disproportionate discharge of body fluids is a result of a non-stabilized constitution. Thus, disorders in which the body excessively discharges bodily fluids are treated with dogwood fruit which astringes the essence. The fruit is effective in treating excessive sweating, diarrhea, and urinary incontinence.

In addition, it also treats extreme shock. Shock occurs when qi, the life force of the body, diminishes. Dogwood fruit restores energy and astringes the body in the event of qi collapse.

In instances of excessive bleeding, dogwood fruit is also effective. Because of this, herbalists recommend the fruit to women with excessive uterine bleeding and extended menses. By strengthening the binding of the body, the fruit regulates the flow of blood and controls the bleeding.

A binding and energizing herb, the dogwood fruit is certainly a beneficial medicine for one’s daily life.

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