Agaricus Blazei Brazil’s Superfood Mushroom

An edible type of Brazilian mushroom, the Agaricus Blazei mushroom (ABM) has high nutrient and low calorie content. It comes from the tiny Brazilian village of Piedade. The mushroom contains vitamins, minerals, fibers, and amino acids. It was discovered in 1960 by Takatoshi Furumoto, a Japanese researcher who sent it to Japan for evaluation. Results showed that new discovery contains a higher carbohydrate and protein content than most types of mushrooms.

More than its nutritional value, however, what generates the most interest and excitement is the mushroom’s many medicinal properties.

Benefits for the Immune System

One of the amazing qualities of ABM is its ability to stimulate the immune system and activate the body’s natural defense. Agaricus Blazei has been a fixture in traditional medicine because of its ability to combat various types of infectious diseases by stimulating the body’s defense system.

ABM’s activation of the immune system is also useful for swelling and systemic redness. Medical mushrooms usually contain polysaccharides that help in the modulation of the immune system. Beta-glucans, which are abundant in ABM, are among these compounds. In one study, ABM extract was shown to promote healthy, normal immune response in test participants after only 12 days. This confirms the substance’s resistance to inflammation.

Benefits for Diabetes and Liver

According to the Dept. of Chinese Medicine at the Taipei Hospital that conducted a 1-year study to determine ABM’s role in improving liver functions in hepatitis B patients, ABM shows some promise for the patients. It helps normalize liver functions and with more studies in the future, more benefits may be discovered. Likewise, clinical tests show that when used as a supplement, ABM extract may enhance insulin resistance in some diabetics, and help control oxidative stress damages.

Help in Heavy Metal and Chemical Cleansing

The beta-glucans in ABM play a vital role in promoting protective cell growth. This helps in the process of toxic metal and chemical detoxification. It is actually not surprising that the mushroom is a big help in cleansing toxins. Studies done in Norway tend to show that ABM may even be beneficial in treating infections caused by a variety of harmful organisms. A lot of information, not only about Agaricus Blazei, but other medicinal mushrooms as well, is available. Exploring the potential of ABM to help various aspects of one’s life is recommended.

Helps in the Fight Against Weight Gain

There are studies that show the potential of ABM in promoting a healthy body weight, although no conclusive research based on human subjects have been done so far. In a study conducted by the National Center for Scientific Research, the ABM extract’s effect on obese rats was examined. There were observations that when ABM was given to subjects who were placed on a high fat diet, it provided a level of protection against weight gain.

In addition, the rats who received ABM supplementation were observed to have more energy and showed a lot of activity. This, in effect, resulted to burning more calories, and that probably explains why weight gain was suppressed.

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