Welcome to Urbol.com  a News publisher that helps people restore their body to balance, health and vitality by the use of alternative and Herbal Medicine.

Hi, My name is Kurt and I am a life long health enthusiast and a board-certified health professional. I like to help people better understand the use and benefits of herbs and how to treat minor chronic health conditions through natural means.

I’m also super into Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine but we can get into that shortly.

Why Urbol?

Urbol is not a medical journal and the ideas and information shared in this publication are personal and anecdotal not intended to diagnose or treat disease.

If you are working with a serious illness and need medical advice we always recommend you talk to your family practitioner and in the case you want to take a natural approach have them refer you to a naturalistic doctor.

If you would like more information on Urbol please get in touch through my contact page.

Chinese Medicine

We have a lot of Chinese medicine herbs on this website but typically we are talking about them from a western perspective. For information on Chinese herbs using the traditional systems (yin/yang, qi, jing, shen and meridians) we will have this kind of information in the future in the mean time you might want to find a different source.


Ayurveda is also a classical form of medicine that I have a lot of respect for. We do not use the Doshas etc. as a lens for the herbs we talk about although we do include Ayurvedic herbs in this publication. For more information on Ayurvedic system of medicine try contacting a local practitioner.